The original title of this post was ‘Like a room without a roof!’ I chose that title because I was so excited and happy about blogging and creating my own inspirational wedding photography blog. Then I read about SEO and found out that the blog posts, in order to be good, have to follow some certain rules. We updated our Marta May Photography website and we got rid of the old posts. This is the new start and we really hope you will find it useful.

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Happy happy happy! I really am! Today I said no to boring blogs and got rid of all my previous blog posts because, guess what – they were typical and boring!  There is so many inspiring and exciting things at weddings and I want to share them all with you and I really hope you will find this information useful. Wedding days are inspirational and so much fun.

They are filled with love and happiness and then even with more joy…

and yes, sometimes the groom is really emotional…

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In addition to all the emotions at weddings we also meet beautiful and happy couples… It is a true honor to photograph the most beautiful days of their lives.

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Stay with us, come back again soon, get in touch – the world of weddings is inspiring. We don’t want to create another typical wedding photography blog, we want to give you some useful information and we also want to inspire you. We also want to add personal touches to our website and tell you more about who we are.

Marta May Photography – an inspiring wedding photography blog filled with useful advice and information. Inspirational and creative photographs can help you visualize your own wedding day. Every couple whose wedding we have photographed is unique and every wedding day is different and inspiring.