Hygge wedding trend

About the photographers

We are a husband and wife photographic team based in Hereford, UK. Our photography is relaxed and natural and this is also the reason why we love the new Hygge wedding trend. Hygge is about taking pleasure in comfort, enjoying cosiness and celebrating the feeling of warmth, love and intimacy. This film is a perfect example of a couple celebrating their true love, have a look:

Hygge weddings

Wedding is a day full of wonderful and memorable moments, family and best friends gathering together to celebrate with you. This is why we love photographing weddings. But how can you plan the perfect hygge wedding? Let’s have a look.

The best season for hygge weddings

We have photographed many weddings and we can say that autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for creating a warming and cosy feel to your wedding. Low temperatures, candle light or pouring rain only increase that awesome hygge feeling!

winter wedding photography

The best wedding venue?

As wedding photographers we have visited so many incredible wedding venues. If you close your eyes and imagine that cosy feeling – I’m sure you’ll see a fireplace or lots of candles around you. That’s why we think that a rural barn similar to Lyde Court or a classic country house, like Homme House, would be the perfect choice for this awesome hygge wedding trend.

canvas and stone dewsall wedding

Imagine those candles!

The flickering flames of candles create a wonderfully relaxing and cosy environment and look great scattered around your venue or in table centrepieces. Fairy lights, lamps and lanterns all work really well. And they are perfect backdrops for your wedding photography too! Dewsall Court always looks stunning in this light!

Create that warming feeling

Create that warming feeling with blankets on hand for your guests on your wedding day. Why not use chunky knits and faux furs to decorate lounge areas and make them truly inviting? Snuggle up!

hygge botanical wedding photography cotswolds

Nature, nature, nature

Wooden decorations and a natural theme are a perfect way to bring the outside in and celebrate your surroundings. The natural look of the decorations is just perfect and if you choose a venue like Brinsop Court, Hereford, you really don’t need to add any decorations at all.

Throwback to the past

There’s something incredibly comforting about vintage, so it makes perfect sense to include a vintage theme in your hygge wedding. And vintage items, jewellery, dresses always look amazing on wedding pictures.

hygge botanical wedding photography cotswolds

Amazing food and drinks

Comfort food is a definite yes for a hygge wedding and dishes like casseroles or a traditional roast dinner will be just perfect. What about a mouth-watering sticky toffee pudding or classic apple pie to finish? Mulled wine is the perfect way to toast your marriage while a hot chocolate station is ideal for that new hygge wedding trend.

country house wedding

Hygge wedding trend and dress code

Keep it simple and relaxed and don’t forget to tell your guests about it too.

Prioritise the little things

Perhaps the most important part of a hygge wedding; make time and enjoy those little things which will make your day even more special. Enjoy a cup of tea with your mum and dad before the ceremony, spend time with your closest friends, or steal away for some intimate wedding photography. Just do what makes you happy and celebrate every moment!

December weddings Dewsall

A personal note from your wedding photographer

Today is a cold February morning. I’m sitting here and trying to warm up by drinking a lovely cup of tea. The world around us isn’t necessarily one of the cosiest places. However, there is one very good outcome of all this. We value our families, homes and time that much more, we have changed. You will probably be surprised when you hear that last year brought me more peace, love and happiness than previous years. Before that I worried a lot, studied too hard, worked too much and almost never had time for myself and my family. This year is so much different, I have found the hygge…

hygge botanical wedding photography cotswolds

Hygge wedding photographer

I spend more time with my kids, take more pictures just for the fun of it. There is still a lot to be done like switching to a healthy and beautiful food, spending even more time with my family or simply learning how to enjoy every moment. I’m getting there!

What does hygge mean to you?

What about you? Have you found your inner peace? What does hygge mean to you? In my case it always was there, hidden until last year. Maybe that’s why I always felt pain and I was longing for something missing in my life. Probably that’s why I have always loved Scandinavia, learnt Norwegian and Swedish. Every time I am there, I feel that I belong there for some strange reason.