Wedding photography rocks!

About the photographers

We are Herefordshire based wedding photographers, a husband and wife duo. Our photography style is relaxed and natural and we just love our job because it is the best job in the world. Wedding photography rocks!

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Wedding photography has changed me

Life is a big adventure, life is great. When I look at my life now, I see clearly the really important things. Why do I write all that? Because I have found my own path and I got here because of wedding photography. Well, a couple of other factors helped too but whenever things were going in the other direction, I was focused on photography. I am so grateful for the fact that I photograph weddings because it is a great privilege. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing what I do and feeling how I feel right now.

Why wedding photography rocks?

In order to find your own path, you have to focus on what’s inside you. Hear your own voice, whisper it first, then say it and if that doesn’t help – shout! Wedding photography has given us a beautiful world full of creative, open minded and free people. No borders, just bridges and friendships. Oh, and you can photograph weddings anywhere on Earth! What else could we ask for?

Hereford wedding photographers Herefordshire

Personal post about wedding photography

I guess if you love what you do, you probably feel the same. You are happy, you don’t envy and you help others. If your job can influence other people’s lives in a positive way and you are happy because of that – you’ve found your dream job. Wedding photography has given us so much. Wedding photography rocks! Apologies for this super personal post but last year changed me and I think I wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for wedding photography.