Scottish English wedding at Dewsall Court

Hereford wedding photography

We are Herefordshire based photographers and this event was just one of the first Scottish English weddings we have photographed. Our photography style is relaxed, fun and unobtrusive. We believe that every couple and their guests should enjoy their day. That’s why group pictures usually take about 15-30 minutes. The couple shoot doesn’t take long too.

Our photography style

Our style has changed over years. You will see that this Scottish English wedding has been edited with a Fog effect. We used to edit images in this way 5-6 years ago. This style was trendy back then. However, we realised that we need to develop a timeless style. Wedding photos should look good all the time. Here’s the slideshow with more recent Dewsall Court weddings. Also, please take a look at our current portfolio.

Scottish English wedding

It was an emotional day for both the bride and the groom. The bridesmaids did a really great job keeping the bride happy and cheerful. They were even dancing for her – such a great atmosphere that only real friends can create. The couple had two ceremonies. The first one was civil and it was held at Dewsall Court. That was a very emotional time for the couple – such a beautiful moment only shared with the closest members of their families. After that the couple had a beautiful Scottish English wedding in the small medieval church at Dewsall Court. The couple decided to surprise everyone by the choice of their wedding transport too. Vintage tractors are just perfect! The piper was great – I love the sound of bagpipes!

New Dewsall Court

Dewsall has changed a lot and I love it even more now. They modernized the Wainhouse and added a special area for the band and for dancing. What I really like about this venue is the fact that every time I visit it, I discover something new. This time it was the unique Scottish English wedding atmosphere.

More information

Dewsall Court weddings are truly unique

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Katie & Chris’s summer wedding at Dewsall Court was also beautiful.

I have added just a couple of images from Dewsall Court’s Scottish English wedding here: