Dewsall Court – unique wedding venue

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We are Herefordshire based wedding photographers. Our style is natural, relaxed and unobtrusive. We love documenting our couples’ weddings and Dewsall Court is one of our favourite venues. This blog post will show you how our photography style changed over years. That’s why we have decided to refresh it by adding a slideshow with our recent wedding photography images from this venue:

Real wedding

Katie and Chris got married in Hereford and their wedding reception was held in one of the most magical venues in Herefordshire – Dewsall Court. Every time we are there, we feel like we have travelled back in time. Back to those happy days of childhood, sunny and warm late August summers. Wedding photography is our job but at Dewsall Court we feel like at home. This place is so welcoming, warm and positive. Our couple’s wedding day was beautiful, they invited hundreds of guests (literally!) and you could only feel the overwhelming happiness.

Wedding decorations

One of the very characteristic things of that Dewsall Court wedding were the hand-made decorations. The bride created some original little details – every wedding guest had a small bottle with a photo attached to it. For two hundred guests! In addition the bride used her engagement pictures to create the menus and that looked pretty cool too! She also used thin copper threads to create something that looked like little Saturn planets. They were hanging off the ceiling creating something really magical. What a beautiful wedding, amazing couple and fantastic wedding venue!

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We have photographed many weddings at Dewsall Court and all of those days have been really unique. If you want to see more images, follow this link: Weddings at Dewsall Court – a beautiful Herefordshire Wedding Venue and if you are looking for similar venues in West Midlands, follow this link too: The most romantic wedding venues in Herefordshire

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