Well, what can I say? Kelly & Will’s Shropshire barn wedding was a cracker! Every time I look at their pictures, I can’t stop smiling. It was the most amazing day that involved drinking from the shoes, playing with fire on the boat, the most incredible speeches and the best rock band ever! Heaven for us as you can imagine. Kelly and Will transformed their own barn and they created the most stunning Shropshire barn wedding venue.

We love relaxed weddings where everybody just wants to have fun and enjoy the day. It makes such a big difference compared to weddings where everything has to go according to the plan. If you are planning your wedding, please remember that. Don’t control your day, enjoy it instead. We always hear the brides and grooms say that their day has just flown by in the blink of an eye. So heare’s the thing – ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND of that amazing day! Just go with the flow and if it rains, embrace the rain, if it is too hot – just take your shoes and jacket off and enjoy. Be happy, exactly like Kelly, Will and all their wedding guests (and wedding suppliers) were!

Talking about the wedding suppliers… they were truly amazing. Libby Blunt wedding videographer was awesome, you have to check her website. Amy Roberts wedding planner was brilliant and of course Issy & Bella‘s flowers were stunning too! And the Beefy Boys were there too! How cool is that?!?

If you are planning your Shropshire barn wedding, please get in touch with us. Our wedding photography might be just what you are looking for. If you are planning a countryside wedding and are looking for some additional inspiration, have a look at this stunning Herefordshire Countryside Wedding. We can’t wait to hear from you!