Summer Lemore Manor wedding

With the most amazing golden light

Lemore Manor wedding

Summer Lemore Manor wedding photography

As wedding photographers we always observe the light. From the wedding photography point of view GOLDEN HOUR is when the best light appears. The best time for wedding photos is around the sunset. This summer Lemore Manor wedding had that perfect golden light.

Our wedding photography style is relaxed and natural. When photographing a wedding we are unobtrusive and just blend in. We want all our couples to feel natural when being photographed.

Lemore Manor – stunning wedding venue

Have you seen this summer Lemore Manor wedding? It was such a lovely late summer day at one of best Herefordshire’s wedding venues. Relaxed, elegant and emotional – these are the words that come to my mind when I think about that day. Have a look:

The emotions

How can a day be calm and emotional at the same time? Well, a wedding day can be. A calm and happy morning with your best friends is always a good start.

Then there is this one moment when your father sees you. This is one of the most beautiful moments and I personally find it really fascinating. You never know what’s going to happen. Very often dads get emotional, sometimes they don’t. But you just never know – the bridesmaids might get really emotional then and in one second their makeup is gone.

Father of the bride

Maybe dad’s reaction is always so magical to me because my dad couldn’t see me on my wedding day? He passed away before I got married. Maybe this is the reason why I also get emotional at weddings?

How about you? When you look at wedding images, how do they make you feel? What are you looking for when you look at wedding photos? What’s important to you in wedding photography?

Get in touch with us

Are you planning to get married at Lemore Manor? If the answer is yes, please get in touch with us. If you want to see more, here’s another beautiful summer Lemore Manor Wedding – Alex & Joe’s black tie wedding.

I will also be writing another blog post about Lemore Manor weddings in general, so please make sure you come back to read more about this fantastic Herefordshire wedding venue. There is another venue, a hidden gem, located not so far away from Lemore Manor – have you discovered Whitney Court yet?