Have you ever considered having a beautiful country house wedding? If not, please take a look at Dewsall Court in Hereford. Last week I had a pleasure of photographing their open day. Did you know that Dewsall is a part of Canvas and Stone – a collection of five independent country houses run by the next generation of owners? The other four are: Elmore Court, Wasing Park, Iscoyd Park and Pennard House. You will probably notice that my website features quite a lot of Dewsall weddings. There is a reason behind it – this venue is just stunning! We have also photographed weddings at Elmore Court and Wasing Park and are hoping to come back to those beautiful venues soon.

There is so much you can achieve when you choose a beautiful country house as your wedding venue. You will feel relaxed, happy and ‘at home’ and your wedding day will be amazing. The photography will be beautiful too, for two reasons: you, feeling great, will look radiant. The other reason is the backdrop – I can confirm that Canvas and Stone’s venues provide the most perfect backdrops for your wedding photos – they tick all the boxes! You just have to arrange a visit and see them for yourself. I’m sure one of them will become your wedding venue!

In February I will also be at the beautiful Lemore Manor. Why don’t you pop in for a quick chat? If you are planning a country house wedding, there is so many incredible venues in Herefordshire. Lemore Manor is one of them. I really love Dewsall Court – we are so lucky, there are so many incredibly beautiful venues in this part of the UK. I’m not making it easy for you, am I? Don’t worry – every Herefordshire wedding venue is unique, there are no venues that are the same. You just have to choose the one that resonates with you the most. The same rule applies to wedding photography.