I’ve just had two different brides asking about the same date – there was only about 5 hours difference between the two emails. They were looking for their perfect wedding photographer.

I’ve had to inform them about that fact – and the ‘second’ bride got back to me and said… ‘so I guess because the first couple asked first, they get the priority’. Well, a couple of years ago I would have said – yes. And I would have made the worst possible decision. It’s not all about the money, it’s not about ‘first come first served’ – it is, and it always has been, ABOUT THE RIGHT FIT. Maybe I am too idealistic sometimes, but I really believe this makes a huge difference.

Marta May Photography_3677

You have to really like your photographer, you have to feel comfortable – only then you will be happy, you will laugh a lot and this will result in those really happy, relaxed and beautiful wedding images. Just imagine your face in front of someone you like – and the same face in front of someone who makes you feel awkward… how does it look like? And from my point of view… whose portraits do you think I would prefer to create? Someone I really like, someone who cares about their wedding memories or someone who only wants ‘some wedding pictures’ because this is one of the things you have to think of when you plan your wedding? So I’m meeting them both – and if they really care about their wedding photos, well, then I will be in trouble! But – remember – it’s not about who asked first, and definitely not all about the money – it is all about this good feeling – and that’s why this first coffee with your wedding photographer is so important.

Wedding photography is more like a mission to us – we want to give the best collection of wedding images to our couples. Finding the right couple and the right photographer is key if we want to make this work.