Marta May Photography_3837It’s good to plan the morning of your wedding. Remember – this morning is all about you and your closest friends and about enjoying this time together – no stress, no panic, just laughter and happiness. Sophie (the bride on the pictures) nailed it! From the very morning I could see on her instagram that she really enjoyed her day. As she was driving towards Lyde Court, the wind was in her hair and Matt, their hair stylist, wasn’t too happy about that – well done he was their old and good friend. Sophie was so relaxed, fun and happy – I think every future bride should learn from Sophie here. And she looked stunning!

So stunning that all her lovely bridesmaids cried – and we didn’t have to ‘pose’ this moment. I know many photographers are asked to take the picture of the bridesmaids stunned by the look of the bride – if it’s posed, it looks fake. Every moment of Sophie’s bridal preparations was authentic and happy and therefore – beautiful! Before the girls put their dresses on, I had to take this opportunity and photographed them in their morning outfits. Lyde Court has so many amazing rooms, including their beautiful white bathroom – so the girls jumped into the bath tube, well, some of them. I think that bath can normally only fit in one or two people – but in the end all four of them managed to sit in the bath – TOGETHER! Honestly, this morning was full of the most amazing giggles I’ve ever witnessed!

Amazing and beautiful girls – both inside and out. How did you do it Sophie? You weren’t stressed at all, just happy! A beautiful morning filled with laughter, emotional moments, gifts, champagne and the beautifully scented candle. To Sophie her wedding morning was supposed to be about spending time with her girls, about enjoying every moment and about being happy all day long. And she nailed it!

Try to have a similar approach and your photos will be lovely!