Bridal preparations – your wedding morning

How to have the best wedding morning ever?

A few words about wedding photographers

We are a husband and wife photographic duo based in Hereford, UK. We have been photographing weddings and bridal preparations since 2012. Photographing every single wedding morning is a truly unique experience. And it is so much fun too! Our photographic style is natural and relaxed. We want you and your wedding guests to feel great all day long.

If you book two photographers, both the bridal and the groom’s morning will be captured. Later on, when you put those images together, the whole story will just be priceless. This is the reason why it is a good practice to book two wedding photographers.

Plan your bridal preparations

It’s good to plan the morning of your wedding. Remember – this morning is all about you and your closest friends and about enjoying this time together. No stress, no panic, just laughter and happiness. The bride on the pictures nailed it!

From the very morning she really enjoyed her day. As she was driving towards Lyde Court, the wind was in her hair and her hair stylist, wasn’t too impressed about that. Good job he was their good friend. The bride was so relaxed and enjoyed every moment of her day. I think every bride could learn from her.

beautiful bride

Stunning bride

Her wedding morning was a huge success. She looked so stunning that all her lovely bridesmaids cried – such a special moment. I know many wedding photographers are expected to take a picture of bridesmaids stunned by the look of the bride – if it’s posed, it feels really fake. As wedding photographers we didn’t have any problems like that here.

Every moment during these bridal preparations was authentic and happy and therefore – beautiful! Before the girls put their dresses on, I photographed them in their morning outfits. The venue has so many amazing rooms and beautiful natural light.

bridal preparations

Beautiful bridesmaids

Amazing and beautiful girls – both inside and out. How did you do it? You weren’t stressed at all, just happy! A beautiful morning filled with laughter, emotional moments, gifts, champagne and the beautifully scented candles. Love is amazing, it gives us courage and makes us so happy.

bridesmaids reactions
bridal emotions

Just enjoy your wedding morning!

To this bride her wedding morning was always going to be about spending time with her girls, enjoying every moment and being happy. And she nailed it!

Try to have a similar approach and you will feel amazing. And every wedding photographer will confirm that your photos will be lovely then! Don’t worry about posing, forget about ‘the plan’ – just enjoy every moment of your wedding morning.

bridesmaids in the morning

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If you like relaxed wedding photography and are planning your wedding, get in touch with us. We might be the right photographers for you. We are all about the natural moments and people just having fun. We’d love to hear your story!

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