Brinsop Court Hereford

Wedding photography

This unique wedding at Brinsop Court Hereford, was such a delight to shoot. Emma and Ed are such a fantastic couple and photographing their wedding day did not even feel like a job. We met them three times before their wedding day and always enjoyed the chat and giggle. However, this is quite an old blog post, so if you are looking for more up-to-date examples from Brinsop Court, here’s the slideshow:

The engagement shoot

The engagement shoot was a great experience and involved two different locations. The woods and autumn colours were followed by a visit to their family home in Leominster where they played the piano together. Plus we also went outside and used some colourful pumpkins as props.

Church wedding ceremony

You probably know that photographing a wedding at church might get really difficult at times. This couple’s Brinsop Court Hereford wedding was an example of something completely opposite. Some vicars don’t allow for any photos in church, others only allow the wedding photographers to stay at the back of the church. This vicar was a legend. She even took a picture of the couple herself and it was during the ceremony!

Morris dancing at weddings

Another thing that made this wedding so special was the Morris dance. This was the groom’s family tradition and he was one of the main dancers. His father and twin brother were playing and the wedding guests were watching different types of dances and were invited to take part in some of them. Perfection!


This is what Emma & Ed told the TWIA judges about our work:

“The photographs Marta & Artur took of our wedding are exceptional. From the 10 or so hours that she was with us, she sent us over 850 images that beautifully capture every moment of our wedding day. We’ve received so many compliments about the pictures. On the day, they made everyone feel so at ease, and made the group shots that we have asked for fun, quick and relaxed. Our couple portraits were fun and felt natural, and our guests loved the photobooth. Overall, we are extremely happy!”

Why did they book us?

“We met Marta twice before our wedding day both times, it felt like we were meeting up with an old friend who had a good taste in coffee shops! She was happy to share advice and answer our 1000 questions, and even contacted us to see if we wanted to meet the week before our wedding to go through any last-minute questions. We never felt like we had to chase. We also loved the engagement photos that we received as part of our package, and have loved sharing all of the beautiful shots with our families.”

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