Andrea and Chris got married in Brinsop Church and celebrated their special day at Brinsop Court – one of the most romantic wedding venues in Herefordshire, West Midlands. He is Scottish, she is German, and their families live far away from Hereford. That’s why they decided to get married on a Wednesday and spend the whole week at Brinsop with their loved ones. Holiday time for their families and friends and a wonderful occasion at the same time. Marta May Photography – the Brinsop Court wedding photographer – was lucky enough to be a part of their amazing wedding day.

Both Andrea and Chris love dogs and that’s how they met. I loved their ceremony – if you decide to get married in church, make sure you have an amazing vicar. Their vicar – Penny – is so lovely. Quite often wedding photographers meet vicars who say no to pictures in their churches, Penny is different. She even allowed Andrea and Chris to include their dogs in the ceremony and that was just beautiful. A lovely couple, beautiful ceremony and a fantastic venue – have a look.

I’ve met them a couple of times after their wedding which was great. I know that they decided to celebrate Chris’s birthday at Brinsop Court – that proves how amazing this place is. I’m sure they will be coming back there many times.

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