Photographing wedding portraits

Photographing wedding portraits

About the photographers

We are a photographic duo based in Hereford, UK. In addition to capturing real moments we also love photographing wedding portraits. This blog post is about our favourite portraits. At some point in October 2017 we looked at our 2017 images and selected our best creative portraits. They are only a small percentage of all our images and the majority of our work is about real moments.

photographing wedding portraits

Photographing wedding portraits – the light

Here’s a selection of our favourite portraits from 2017 weddings and pre-wedding sessions. The complete collection is called The Best of 2017. When creating wedding photos we use different types of light. We use both natural and artificial light. Our job as wedding photographers is to find that light and use it to create some beautiful photos.

photographing wedding portraits

The golden and the blue hour

The best possible light for couple portraits is the golden hour. This is the softest and the most romantic light but of course it is not possible to use it at every single wedding. Some days are rainy and cloudy and to create a great photo we’ll need to use different light. Very often this is an off camera flash in different combinations.

Let’s play and enjoy the moment

What can you do to help us create some great images? Well, first of all have the engagement shoot. It will help you feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. On the day you will not have to stress about the shoot. The second thing is – have no expectations, and the last one is – don’t worry about the weather. If you expect the golden sunset, there is a chance you will be disappointed. If your wedding day is rainy, just embrace it. Who knows, we might even get the rainbow?


Marta May Photography, creative fine art and reportage wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands. We also cover Cotswolds, Wales, West Midlands and many more areas. If you like the style of our wedding photography, please get in touch and let’s chat. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read about us photographing wedding portraits.

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