Hey! So… I guess, this is it! We’re about to enter year 2018 and how do I even begin to summarize 2017?!? Let’s try – here is out ‘The Best of 2017’ blog post. Year 2017 has 365 days… for us this means about 40 weddings and 40 incredible love stories…. Each story has about 800 images (if only!)… How I am supposed to pick the best moments out of this amazing emotional roller coaster?!? Out of about 32000 photos we have to choose our top 100 images!?! How is this even possible? Crazy! In order to pick the best images I have divided our photos into two categories: moments and creative portraits and that helped me choose the best images for this blog post.

2017 is unforgettable. Artur, on every New Year’s eve, always says… may this New Year be better than the previous year and worse than the next year. In this case, may 2018 be even better than 2017 and worse than 2019! I love 2017 and I already miss it. We’re grateful for so many things… we’ve met so many inspiring people and we already know we’ll meet many more in 2018! We worked really hard this year and bought as many tickets as we possibly could, thank you Lanny & Erika! The UK wedding photography workshop was brilliant too. Thank you Aga Tomaszek, Eirik Halvorsen and Dan Morris! We are also really looking forward to next year which will bring us another training with Two Mann. We are also attending the Nine Dots gathering in November 2018 and we just cannot wait.

Bring it on 2018! Our wedding season starts on the 6th of January and we cannot wait for it to arrive. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s how our the best of 2017 looked like… Enjoy!

There is a difference between our Best of 2017 and Best of 2016. We have managed to attend three photography workshops between those two blog posts. Can you see the difference? I’ve also added the Best Wedding Images of 2018 slideshow, enjoy!


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