This year has been great, we have loved every single wedding day. Our best wedding images are both moments and portraits. Moments are real and portraits are unique. Our aim is to create the best collection of images for our coupes. That collection must have the best of both these worlds.

I already miss 2017 and it hasn’t even finished yet. So many good things have happened. We have decided to pick our sixty favorite images of 2017… so far… Here they are:







What I like about pictures of moments is the fact that they are real. I don’t pose people to achieve ‘the moments’. They just happen. That’s why they are so precious and timeless. Children are naturally the best as far as ‘no posing’ is concerned. They just don’t care and play instead. We adults should learn from them because we are so aware that we are being observed and we always worry. We definitely worry too much. Weddings are so special because at least for this one day, at some point of the day, we stop worrying. We become kids again and play the awesome garden games, dance and laugh out loud. Marta May Photography is a member of This is Reportage – no poses, nothing staged, just real stuff. Visit this inspirational website to find out more about reportage wedding photography.

Creative portraits are amazing too and we love creating them. We use different light and exposures to create various effects. Day portraits with a very strong sunlight, golden hour and blue hour photos are romantic. Night portraits achieved using OCF and long exposures are really cool too because they are a bit different. Hope you’ll enjoy looking at our best wedding images. Have a look at our final blog post of this year – the best of 2017.