I have finally decided how the best guest book might look like. After photographing so many weddings I think I know what the best wedding guest book choice might be. Well, in other words, if I was getting married again, I would definitely choose this one!

Take a Polaroid camera, add a book and some self adhesive tape and there you go! Your guests will just love it and you will have some truly unforgettable moments captured on film and put into your wedding guest book – probably with some awesome and rather unusual comments underneath too. There is nothing boring about this guest book. So many brides want all their guests to write some words of wisdom in their book, but quite often the only comment they see is ‘congratulations’. Sweet but a little bit disappointing. So just imagine the photos of your guests, all in one place, taken on your wedding day. This is such a great memory! And you would ‘kill two birds’ at the same time – with one Polaroid stone. The guest book would be one bird and the great entertainment for your wedding guests would be another.

We love the idea so much that we have actually started thinking of adding the Polaroid hire as an option, an addition to our packages. Would that work? What do you think? Would you be interested at all? We just think that all forms of prints are great. Very often – this especially applies to ‘USB only’ packages – the memory sticks are forgotten and left somewhere deep in the drawers. Your wedding images don’t deserve that. If you want to read more about the power of print – please follow this link: Experience the power of a wedding album. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this article too.

The best wedding guest book choice