April Fool’s Day Photography Competition

April Fool’s Day Photography Competition

Hello! Happy April Fool’s day! Remember – don’t trust anybody today. Here’s our April Fool’s Day Photography Competition. Good luck!

Win Family Lifestyle Photography

I thought it would be good to give you something special on this day, so I have come up with a great idea (I think?). A competition! You can win a prize which is a family lifestyle portrait session – basically, completely free. Please read about our family shoots here: FAMILY LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY and see some samples here: TIME FOR THE SPRING PHOTO SESSIONS. This is a great opportunity to get those lovely natural family photos. Do you want to give it a go?

April Fools photography competition

April Fool’s Day Photography Competition – the rules

Here’s what you have to do. This competition might be easier for those who know me a little. Do you want to get to know me a bit more? I will ask you a couple of questions and you will have to answer – TRUE or FALSE to all of them. For those who get all the answers right, I will do a prize draw and announce a winner this Sunday. I will also give you answers to all those questions. Ready?

Here are the questions:

  1. We will have photographed 3 weddings in 8 days tomorrow.
  2. I have done 2 intensity classes this week, woke up before 6 today, got on a bike, did an intensity class, swam and then cycled back home.
  3. I have done both morning and evening classes at the Hereford Leisure Centre two days in a row and almost died on the 3rd day (5 classes in 3 days)
  4. Did I pass the English language test last week?
  5. I did a couple of chemistry experiments with my 4year old daughter
  6. I speak Swedish and Norwegian

Marta May Photography_2402

Good luck everyone!

That’s it – what do you think? Please get in touch and answer TRUE or FALSE to all those questions. Good luck! Can’t wait to see your answers. Terms and conditions apply.

Still looking for your wedding photographer?

And for all of you still looking for a wedding photographer – please note – this is not an April Fool’s day’s announcement. We do get booked up really fast, so please don’t wait too long and get in touch as soon as you can. Please take a look at some of our recent work to find out more about our photography style:


  1. Thank you so much everyone for all your answers – I’ve also received many private messages, thank you! All answers should be ‘TRUE’ – I’m sorry I’m just very bad at lying and found it really difficult to come up with a lie.

    I’ve been a bit crazy (exercise-wise) recently – really hoping to lose some weight :)
    I passed the English language test last week – I had to do this to apply for the British Citizenship (they took a sample of my voice and have my fingerprints in their database too)

    So that means that the prize will have to wait until the next competition. Sorry! :) xxx
    Thank you so much for joining me in celebrating the 1st of April!

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