We are so much in love with this Shropshire outdoor wedding. Heather and Dave got married in Picklescott, Shropshire and their wedding day was just amazing. The weather didn’t want to cooperate at first but then it luckily changed its’ mind. The couple chose to get married in a small church followed by a lovely outdoor party in the groom’s house. They had tipis and all the decorations were made by the bride and the groom. Such a talented couple – just take a look at the decorations and all the little touches at the tables. Amazing!

Heather studied psychology and then changed her career path and became a vet. You will see her in a carriage on the way to and from the church (I’m so glad it didn’t rain at that time!). One of the things I really loved during Heather’s wedding morning was the gift she got from Dave. They are so happy together and inseparable, that they decided to have their hen and stag parties together. The t-shirt that Heather got from Dave tells us all about it – and is such a great and unique idea – have a look!

Dave learned to play the guitar especially for Heather and singing the song for her was another amazing surprise. Everybody loved it – just look at Heather’s face and at all the guests. This couple is a pure inspiration not only because of their talents but also because of their love. They are so in love and so happy together. Congratulations!