Laura and Niall’s Mill Barns wedding was one of the most original weddings we have ever photographed. It was styled as a beautiful country affair at the Mill Barns. How else can I describe it? Quirky, unforgettable, original, unique. Laura and Niall had everything on their wedding day. Everything except the fortune tellers. Laura wanted them too but then she realized that she is actually scared of them so she gave up that idea. Laura and her wedding guests took the vintage train to get to the ceremony. And after the ceremony Laura and Niall (and me) traveled to the venue on the cutest vintage tractor!

They had the brass band, the magician and they even had the helter skelter. Their meal was made of about nine different dishes. They had the most amazing first dance naturally followed by the RAVE PARTY! I mean, it can’t get cooler than that, right? Every Mill Barns wedding we have photographed was cool, but this one was truly exceptional. You can watch the whole adventure here:

And if you want to see more, I’ve also uploaded the regular blog post images below. Laura had this unique dress which was such a great idea! On the train she had the kimono over the dress. In church she put the top layer on the dress. When the party started she took the top layer off. This simple trick resulted in three completely different and awesome looks. I just LOVE it!

Please also take a look at Marina & Sam’s Black Mountain wedding – another cool and relaxed wedding we had a pleasure of photographing. We would love to photograph another Mill Barns wedding, we are delighted to be on their list of recommended suppliers. They are so unique, just like this one: Jenna + Stacey – The Mill Barns Wedding Photography.