The Mill Barns wedding photography is something new and exciting for us. Jenna and Stacey wedding was the first Mill Barns wedding we have ever photographed and it was awesome. I mean the girls looked stunning, the guests were the best and the Undercover Artists were brilliant. I mean this is a dream for every wedding photographer! Below you will see just a short selection of Jenna and Stacey’s wedding photos but hopefully this will give you the idea of how really amazing their day was.

The Undercover Artists – Singing Waiters were a surprise for Jenna & Stacey’s wedding guests. The artists were dressed as the Mill Barns staff and after the dessert, when the tables were being cleared, one of the girls, Libby, fell on the floor. With a plate full of forks! The noise was tremendous and of course immediately the whole attention was on Libby. She started singing and at that moment the guests started dancing and singing too and they didn’t stop. The best wedding entertainment ever! This is just a perfect idea if you want to make sure your guests stay on the dance floor.

The Mill barns is such a fantastic and unique wedding venue. You can have a ceremony in one incredibly beautiful room and then the wedding breakfast in another equally stunning room. There are many wedding venues with only one big room which means the tables and chairs have to be moved at some point during the day. At the Mill Barns you don’t have to worry about that. In fact here you don’t worry about anything. You just enjoy your perfect day!

Please get in touch if you are looking for the Mill Barns wedding photography. We love this venue so much and we cannot wait to come back and photograph more amazing weddings there. Here’s one more wedding we have photographed there, have a look: Laura + Niall – The Mill Barns Wedding.