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Summer weddings rock

Hello! It is the first week of summer holidays and the weather is amazing. We are also in the middle of the wedding season 2016 and I am trying to catch up with all the editing. Why catch up? Because we sent our kids to their grandparents and because of that we were off for a week. Whereas our kids are now enjoying the beautiful weather and ice cream I’m in my office editing. I must admit – summer weddings rock. Just look at the images below and that is only the beginning of summer 2016! There is so many stories yet to tell you. I regularly keep adding the new blog posts here, but our website has another place where you can view the full stories. It is called OUR WORK, have a look.

So much is happening at Marta May Photography right now. We are designing our new office at the moment so if you are our existing client, we will probably meet there next time. I cannot wait to make that first coffee or chocolate for you and show you all the amazing samples of albums and prints. This is really exciting and I think it will make a positive difference. The whole family – well mostly my mum and my husband – have worked really hard on our garden while I was busy editing. The idea was to create a lovely secret garden, a super relaxed space. So much still needs to be done and I must say – thank you Artur for all the hard work, thank you mum for all your help.

Stay tuned, I will keep you updated, already uploading the next wedding to our portfolio and this one is so unique – a Dutch-Welsh wedding day full of love, laughter, white tulips, clogs, Welsh dragons and a Dutch bike!

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Brobury House weddings Herefordshire

Did I tell you that Herefordshire weddings are beautiful? I think I did so now it is high time I repeated it again and also added a few words about Brobury House weddings. What a stunning venue! Kerry and Ali had a church ceremony followed by a marquee reception in this amazing place. You can visit Brobury House and view their beautiful gardens that create millions of photo opportunities for wedding photographers. Wherever you go – there is always a stunning backdrop. If I wanted to use every beautiful corner of that wedding venue, the couple’s wedding day would probably have to turn into a proper photo shoot.

I am really glad we did a trial run and had the engagement session there last autumn. Obviously the colors were totally different then but equally stunning. One of our favorite places there was the ‘birch forest’ because it just looks magical. If you want to find out more about this venue, take a look at their website here: BROBURY HOUSE AND GARDENS. This Herefordshire wedding venue is perfect for all types of weddings, both small and big. Because of its stunning grounds it can host big marquee weddings and they will still feel intimate. I think it is because of the trees, woods and stunning views surrounding Brobury House.

I have always wanted to return to this venue because we photographed a wedding there before. However, the wedding itself was in the church nearby and the couple only wanted us to take some group pictures. Therefore we didn’t have the proper chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a proper Brobury House wedding. I have written another short blog post about this wedding, would you like to see the pictures? Here’s the link: BEAUTIFUL MOTHER DAUGHTER MOMENTS AT WEDDINGS.

Thank you so much Kerry and Ali for letting us be your wedding photographers. It was a beautiful day!

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Beautiful mother daughter moments at weddings

Weddings are not only about the couple, they are about the whole family. Two families become one which is always a great reason to celebrate. Those beautiful mother daughter, bride and the flower girl moments are so delicate, pure and happy. Just look at Kerry and her daughter Isabel. Kerry – the bride – will always has the time for Isabel. Of course she wants to look the best on her wedding day – but her daughter Isabel is equally important. When you have kids, the whole world changes and it looks like it is happier and there is even more love in it. I have noticed it myself with my daughter. My birthday is no longer about me and my cake – it is all about my family (maybe because I just want to forget how old I am). I always ask my daughter to pick her favorite cake and that is just one small example. My life is no longer about me only. Those beautiful mother daughter moments are so unique, timeless – and so precious! Remember to capture them while they last.

What is important in our lives? Is it money, perfect body, wealth? For most of all probably this is how we see our happiness. But just have a think about this… if you lose your money, your wealth and all your possessions or even gain a couple of pounds – is there anything left? Exactly a week ago I was sat with my husband outside our house and we were thinking about the future. If we lose our house, will there be something left? Of course there will be! Us, our kids, experience, happiness and hope. Sometimes I am really lost in this world and my husband always helps me keep my sanity while our kids make us laugh. And the life is beautiful again! Live for those special moments and you will be happy.

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Great wedding photos - useful tips

Lemore Manor wedding photographerWhat can you do to have some really great wedding photos? There is a lot you can do, actually. This blog post starts a short series about some useful tips on what YOU can do to have some really amazing images from your wedding day. First of all, and this is very important, choose the photographer you really like and trust. Only then you will have some really amazing pictures from your wedding day because you won’t have to worry about your wedding photographer. That’s why the initial consultation with your photographer is so important, or at least a Skype or telephone conversation. Try to get to know them a little bit.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the morning preparations. I have already written a separate blog post about that part of the wedding day here: Bridal preparations – your wedding morning Let’s just add a couple of the most important tips here:

  • have a proper rest before your wedding day, go to bed early!
  • make sure the room in which you are getting ready is clean and tidy. You don’t want any plastic bags from your supermarket to be visible on your wedding pictures right? Really think about it and hide all the socks, empty shoe boxes and any other unnecessary and distracting items.
  • if you want some professional pictures of your rings or anything else that is important to you – just put them in one place to avoid rushing and looking for them on your wedding morning.
  • really enjoy the moment – enjoy getting ready. This is your day, your moment. Be happy!
  • and again – have a proper rest before your wedding day, go to bed early!

In my next post I will write about the wedding ceremony – stay tuned!

Lemore Manor weddings photographer

Lemore Manor weddings are pretty much unique!

Have you seen how Lemore Manor looks, how much it has changed? Wow – this is the only word I can think of right now. OK, I could probably add many more adjectives, but all of them would mean the same thing. Lemore Manor weddings are awesome! They’ve always been pretty amazing – but now – you just have to visit Lemore and see it for yourself! A beautiful bright orangery that is just heaven for the wedding photographers and all the additional huts have changed this amazing Herefordshire wedding venue completely! If you are looking for a luxury, elegant, bright, fresh and totally ‘from the cover of a fashion mag’ wedding venue – this place is for you!

We enjoyed every minute of photographing Beth and Steve’s wedding day there. Lemore Manor is one of the venues that really cares. Just like Dewsall Court and Lyde Arundel – they provide top quality service and everybody, including us, the wedding photographers, feels so comfortable there! Beth and Steve’s wedding was truly unique. Just look at Beth – just stunning! And her friends and family – amazing. We loved the balloons – they were just perfect. Big, visible and so much fun! If you want to read more about Beth and Steve’s wedding – follow this link here: Beth and Steve’s wedding at Lemore Manor – but more importantly – you just have to visit Lemore Manor! We are coming back there soon and then again and again. We literally cannot wait. But for now, I’ll just go back to Beth and Steve’s wedding images and watch them again… and again… and again!