The one with the Horse Tattoo!

We are totally in love with this one. I met Holly & Jamie at Jess and Ferg’s wedding where Holly was a maid of honour. Now it was Jess’s time – best friends forever! If you want to take a quick look at the photos, here’s the slideshow, enjoy!

There is something really special about marquee weddings in general and about this one in particular. I personally think organizing a marquee wedding is a lot more difficult than planning a wedding day at a venue. But Holly & Jamie, and of course their fantastic families, totally pulled it off. Every single part of the day was perfectly organized. Jamie got ready in Hereford and Holly spent her morning in an amazing house.

Ferg (Jess’s husband) was the chauffeur on the day. It is always so special when a family member or a friend is helping with the wedding. When they arrived at Holly’s parents’ house, the groom almost saw the bride! Phew, that was really close! But luckily Ferg acted really quickly by not letting Holly get out of the car and the danger was over. Then there was a very emotional father-daughter moment and then there was time to head for the church.

The ceremony was so special, with a special guest – Holly & Jamie’s dog. What I really love about countryside weddings is the fact that they are very relaxed. Holly and her family walked to and from the church. Yes, their house and the marque was very close!

And then they had a really delicious wedding breakfast, garden games, the cake and the first dance. And they lived happily ever after! Holly loves horses but Jamie is allergic to horse hair. That’s why Holly can’t have horses and that’s why Jamie did something really extraordinary for her… Have you noticed what that was?


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