Your wedding ceremony photos… Imagine – you’re just about to enter the church or the registry office. This is  a fantastic and emotional moment and you are expecting some really amazing pictures. Did you know that photographers have to follow some specific rules whilst photographing weddings at registry offices? We are not allowed to use flash and are banned from photographing a moment of the signing of the register. And that is because of the ‘Data Protection act’.

Churches are different – the wedding photography adventure with them seems like a roller coaster at times. Some of them say – no photography allowed, none at all. Even your guests would not be allowed to use their smartphones. Others say – yes please of course, no problem at all. Have a chat with your vicar about that – do it before he or she surprises you by saying ‘no’ on your wedding day. If that is the case, here’s what you can do to have some amazing wedding photos:

  • when you are walking down and up the aisle – take your time, just walk slowly.
  • when you are exchanging the vows and the rings – look at your partner. This moment should be shared by you and your partner, so try not to say ‘I do’ to the vicar.
  • do you really want to pose for the fake ‘signing of the register’? Think about it – why is it important? Why is it not important?
  • once the ceremony is finished, accept the congratulations from your guests, don’t worry about the group pictures now – enjoy the moment!
  • now it is time to enjoy the confetti moment
  • and after that – the group pictures!

Once the wedding ceremony photos have been taken – let’s get the party started! Make sure you enjoy every single second of your wedding day because it will be gone before you know it.