Slightly different wedding transport idea

West Midlands wedding photographers

We are a photographic duo based in Hereford, West Midlands. We have photographed many weddings and various wedding cars but must admit that this is the first time we have seen such a different wedding transport idea. And it was AMAZING!

Wedding transport – a surprise

The bride and groom didn’t expect it at all. In fact the bride didn’t know about any of her wedding vehicles and all of them were a great surprise and such a pleasure to photograph. On the way to church the bride drove in a lovely vintage car but neither she nor the groom knew what was going to happen after their ceremony. Firstly they could only hear it, then they saw it. Just imagine that moment. A helicopter – just for them! A surprise! How amazing was that?

The excitement was real

Their wedding day was incredible, everybody was so happy. The couple has an amazing family and friends and that’s why their day was so special. Never ending chats, hugs, presents, surprises and happy moments. I don’t know who came up with the idea of a helicopter as a wedding transport from the church to the venue, but I just want to say – you are the best! I think the couple was a bit scared at first, but then the excitement took over.

A helicopter – a different wedding transport idea

It is always a great pleasure to photograph the most special moments at somebody’s wedding and this wedding day was truly unique. And I still can’t get over this unique wedding transport idea. If you are interested in having a helicopter at your wedding – follow this link: HELIFLIGHT UK LTD – they are amazing!

Surprises at weddings

There is nothing better than a surprise wedding gift. Another bride organized Tilly Twist as a surprise present for her husband and all their wedding guests. The fire show was so unique and stunning. Singing waiters are another amazing surprise you might want to consider. When they start singing, everybody just starts singing and dancing – a perfect start to the evening dancing! Have a look at the best wedding guest book option too!