Abergavenny engagement photo session

Abergavenny engagement photo session

Abergavenny wedding photographers

Hello! We are wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands and we just love our recent Abergavenny engagement photo session. Our photography style is relaxed and natural and that was exactly what we did during this amazing engagement shoot. We all had so much fun together!

Unique photo session near Abergavenny

Our Abergavenny engagement photo session was really unique. We really liked our amazing couple, the natural look of the images, the location and also Pete the peacock. Probably most of all, though, we love the story behind the pictures. The couple wanted to have this e-shoot done on their farm. They had just bought the house and they were still working really hard on making that house their dream home.

Why is photography magical?

We really believe that when they look at their engagement images in twenty years’ time, both their home and everything around, will be different. But their engagement images will bring so many memories. There is something really magical about photography. It lets you freeze the moment and capture the memories that you care about.

pre-wedding shoots Abergavenny wedding photographer

Abergavenny engagement photo session – memories captured

We have managed to capture their happiness, the look of the house and the memory of the mountain on which the groom proposed. We have also captured a very unique moment for Pete the peacock. The couple inherited the peacock with the house, they adopted him.

pre-wedding shoots Abergavenny wedding photographer

Your engagement photo session

If you are considering having a pre-wedding session, think about you as a couple. Maybe there is a special story that needs to be told. Maybe you would like to celebrate your relationship and keep the shoot very personal. What would you like to capture on the photos? Your engagement shoot can also be all about having fun. It can be a story told in pictures and a way of creating those beautiful and unforgettable memories…


Please get in touch with us if you’re planning your Abergavenny engagement photo session. We would love to use the beautiful landscapes and create some lovely photos for you. If you want to find out more about our wedding photography style, here’s the slideshow, enjoy:

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