Lemore Manor wedding Herefordshire… Nancy and Daniel’s day was so great! And it does not matter their day happened to be a really cold December day. Everybody had a fabulous time because Nancy, Daniel and the team at Lemore Manor made it truly special and unique. Nothing was too formal and the game rooms were a hit. The couple did not want to be in the center of attention, so they did not have the first dance. The music was there, somewhere in the background, and focusing on the games created that amazing and informal atmosphere.

If you are after a relaxed, fun wedding day – just look at how Nancy and Daniel organized theirs. The choice of the venue was a great help too. There is so much you can do at Lemore Manor which makes it so unique. Just like everything else, your ideal day starts in your head – it is your dream. Every couple is different and every wedding day should be the best for that couple. That’s why it is so important to organize your wedding the way YOU want it to be, look and feel. If you are happy – your wedding guests will be happy too!

Nancy and Daniel didn’t want to follow too many rules, they even made their own wedding rings! They actually got married a year earlier and chose to have a fabulous wedding celebrant this time. They chose to have the modified first look. It was the FIRST TOUCH! Oh, Nancy and Daniel, you are so amazing! We LOVED your wedding day.

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