This Lemore Manor wedding is pretty much unique! We have enjoyed every moment of Beth and Steve’s wedding day. I cannot wait to come back to Lemore Manor soon and photograph more weddings there. If you want to find out more about this fantastic Herefordshire wedding venue, just follow this link: Lemore Manor Weddings. Beth and Steve’s wedding was so elegant and so much fun at the same time! I still remember the best men’s speech – that was a proper authentic and interactive speech! Presented by two best men. The bridesmaids looked stunning and I also loved the big red balloons. Only four balloons were used and that was just the perfect number that created this unique look of this particular wedding.

It was a very emotional day for both the couple and their friends and family members. There was so much love and happiness around and that’s why Beth and Steve’s wedding was so beautiful. Not very often you see all the bridesmaids turning so emotional when they see their best friend in a beautiful wedding dress for the first time. Yes, the dress was a surprise! The bridesmaids just couldn’t stop crying. Just think about this carefully applied make-up! All gone within a minute. OK, they must have used a waterproof mascara because they all looked awesome all day! Steve simply couldn’t wait to see Beth. The moment he saw her was the first moment I saw a smile on his face that day – and he couldn’t hide his happiness all day long! This is how true love feels like. You are waiting for the love of your life and you are worrying, stressing out. But the moment you see her is the moment you forget about everything else. You just see her and want to stay with her for the rest of your life. Dear Beth and Steve – you are such an amazing couple! Have a wonderful life together.

We also loved the black tie Lemore Manor wedding of Alex & Joe.