Lemore Manor weddings Herefordshire are amazing. It does not matter if you are getting married in May, August or December or if the wedding day is rainy or sunny – you will always have the best day of your life there. Friendly staff, beautiful manor and gardens as well as the best food are just what you are looking for. We have photographed warm rainy summer wedding days as well as cold winder days there. Outdoor and indoor ceremonies… and every time we thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me get back to their food – every single time we’ve tried it, it was just perfect. In other words, their food is so delicious that it is really hard to forget it.

We feel privileged to have been invited to this Sunday’s Lemore Manor wedding showcase event. Are you coming too? If the answer is yes – we have a surprise for you. The details of the special prize draw are going to be revealed on the day, so please make sure you pop in to find out more details. This prize draw will only last one day and is exclusive to the Great Gatsby showcase event. If you want to win either the pre-wedding or the after-wedding/anniversary shoot with Marta May Photography – make sure you’re there. Every single year Lemore Manor organize a special event, something unique and different from other venues. They really stand out!

Here is just a quick selection of the Lemore Manor weddings Herefordshire we have photographed so far. Some of them have been featured in OUR WORK. Have a look. Alex & Joe’s black tie wedding was one of my favorite weddings we have photographed there. This venue is just so elegant! We cannot wait to meet you and have a chat with you this Sunday, the 12th February 2017, at Lemore Manor. See you soon!

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