Hayley and Thomas – I don’t even know where to start? There is so many stories about this Dutch Welsh wedding Black Mountains. Hayley and Thomas met while they were traveling the world. He is Dutch, she is from Wales and they met in a completely different part of the world – in Australia. That’s why their wedding favors were related to traveling. They chose the compasses – and we got them too! One for Marta and one for Artur – thank you so much for this amazing gift! Thomas used to travel the world on ships – a proper Flying Dutchman. One of the very original and characteristic details on the tables were…. the knots. Because the sailors are the masters of tying the knot!  Fabulous – just take a look at the images below.

The whole day was full of positive emotions and happiness. Hayley and Tom are such a perfect couple – so funny, happy and at the same time modest and a bit shy. Every time I think about them and their amazing families, I feel the warmth in my heart. They have totally stolen my heart. Last year we also photographed Hayley’s sister’s wedding, so meeting the same family again and seeing the familiar faces was just brilliant. Here is Kim & Will’s wedding day.

Well – but that’s not the end. I could talk about Hayley & Tom’s wedding forever. About them riding the Dutch bike straight after the ceremony, about Tom’s sisters’ amazing speech (so much fun!) and also about Tom’s mum’s present – she created a brand new emblem – a beautiful Welsh dragon as orange as the Dutch Orange – how cool is that?!? I could carry on, but I’ll let you look at the Dutch Welsh wedding Black Mountains images instead. Here they are, enjoy!

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