Hello! It is the first week of summer holidays and the weather is amazing. We are also in the middle of the wedding season 2016 and I am trying to catch up with all the editing. Why catch up? Because we sent our kids to their grandparents and because of that we were off for a week. Whereas our kids are now enjoying the beautiful weather and ice cream I’m in my office editing. I must admit – summer weddings rock. Just look at the images below and that is only the beginning of summer 2016! There is so many stories yet to tell you. I regularly keep adding the new blog posts here, but our website has another place where you can view the full stories. It is called OUR WORK, have a look.

So much is happening at Marta May Photography right now. We are designing our new office at the moment so if you are our existing client, we will probably meet there next time. I cannot wait to make that first coffee or chocolate for you and show you all the amazing samples of albums and prints. This is really exciting and I think it will make a positive difference. The whole family – well mostly my mum and my husband – have worked really hard on our garden while I was busy editing. The idea was to create a lovely secret garden, a super relaxed space. So much still needs to be done and I must say – thank you Artur for all the hard work, thank you mum for all your help.

Stay tuned, I will keep you updated, already uploading the next wedding to our portfolio and this one is so unique – a Dutch-Welsh wedding day full of love, laughter, white tulips, clogs, Welsh dragons and a Dutch bike! To sum up – summer weddings rock!