Is it July already?  The time just flies, doesn’t it? We will all soon find out we are looking at our brand new Christmas trees. My last post was about December weddings so this one has to be about the beautiful summer weddings. At the moment I am editing the amazing wedding of Faye and Jack. The wedding was filled with love, laughter, joy, amazing friends and… packed with the singing waiters! You just have to come back to read more about that! Sarah and Ash’s wedding at How Caple Court was such an amazing experience too! We used our drone there for the first time which was great – well, hopefully! Haha! Sarah told me later on, she was worried the drone might fall and she might die. The day was hot and sunny, but quite windy, luckily the adventure had a good ending! We all survived.

The last couple of weddings we photographed, had an amazing weather. Well, this is the dream weather for every couple, a little less desirable by the photographer. Big contrasts, squinting and a couple more issues. So my advice for all future brides is… If it’s going to be cloudy or even a bit rainy – please don’t worry! It’s OK, we love the clouds. We love the sun too, don’t get me wrong but the direct harsh light is not always the best option. Anyway, just look at these couples – they are so happy! This should be your only job at your wedding – being happy and enjoying your day. The day goes so fast, most of the time too fast. Just enjoy it, be happy and everything will be all right!

Beautiful summer weddings rock! And that is only the beginning. We cannot wait to photograph all our July, August and September weddings. Stay tuned, we will be in touch soon!

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