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We are wedding photographers based in Hereford, UK. Our style is relaxed and unobtrusive. We have photographed spring, summer, autumn and winter weddings. Winter wedding photography is something we really love because of many reasons described later in this post.

winter wedding photography

Sample winter wedding

This wedding day is a perfect example of one of winter wedding photography rules. The colder it gets outside, the warmer the emotions and the crazier the parties are. Just take a look at this amazing winter wedding party at Brinsop Court.

English winter weddings

English winter is rather mild which means snow is very rare. Just imagine those stunning wedding pictures in the snow… On the other hand some of the winter weddings we have photographed had a much better weather than some summer weddings.

Herefordshire wedding photographers Brinsop Court rain

Winter wedding choice

Many couples say that they chose winter because you can’t actually guarantee a sunny summer wedding in the UK. We have photographed many rainy summer weddings! They were awesome too but very often venues are much cheaper during the winter months so why overpay?

White winter wedding

In every season you can get some amazing wedding photo opportunities. We would love to photograph a white winter wedding. So far we have only managed to photograph some winter engagement shoots.

Herefordshire wedding, engagement shootHerefordshire wedding, engagement shoot

Wedding photographer choice

Be extra careful

If you are planning to get married in November, December, January or February, you have to be very careful when choosing your wedding photographer. Not every photographer handles the winter light very well and the risk of not receiving beautiful winter wedding images is quite high.

Natural light photographers

Many photographers prefer to use the available and natural light. In December it gets dark very early and very often photographers have to choose between the formal group pictures and the more artistic photos of the couple.

winter wedding photography OCF

Off camera flash

That choice is very difficult and only has to be made when they find it really hard to operate the OCF. Ask them if they know the OCF – that will be a great way of checking if they know what they are doing.

Your day will run smoothly

If your photographer knows how to use the off camera flash, the schedule of your wedding day can be much more flexible and the images can be more magical too.

Marta May Photography_4381


If you want to see some more winter wedding pictures, here is the link: Winter Weddings are Beautiful. We love winter wedding photography and we would love to photograph a white winter wedding. So if you are planning your own winter wedding, get in touch with us. We would love to be your photographers. More information about winter weddings can be found here, have a look:


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