Our styled shoot has been featured in the Wedding Ideas magazine. This is so exciting – two publications in two months, how amazing is that? If you want to read about the other publication, just follow this link here: Marta May Photography in the Perfect Wedding magazine.

This shoot was styled around the Pantone colours of 2016 – serenity and rose quartz. In other words – if you love the soft, feminine and opulent vibe, our images are for you. And if you are after little quirky things – you couldn’t find a better shoot. And Homme House is an amazing venue too. A perfect choice if you are looking for a wedding venue. You can read about Homme House here: Homme House weddings are gorgeous. The dresses are just a pure inspiration, probably not something you would wear on your wedding day. However, they are so gorgeous, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you chose to wear them. I just love photographing slightly different things and this shoot was just a feast for my eyes. So many details, four different and very unique dresses. I also loved the cake and the bouquet. The moment I saw the flowers, I fell in love with them. At first I thought they were artificial because they had such sweet colours.

The team was amazing too.  To find out more about the shoot, you can also follow this link: Marie Antoinette or simply buy the newest issue of the Wedding Ideas magazine. At the moment I am also working on another styled shoot and this will be very different. Please make sure you’ll come back and visit our website soon! The shoot is about the wild botanical and copper trends and I really love the look of it. Botanical weddings are more and more popular and they look really amazing!

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