Lemore Manor weddings photographer

Lemore Manor weddings are pretty much unique!

Have you seen how Lemore Manor looks, how much it has changed? Wow - this is the only word I can think of right now. OK, I could probably add many more adjectives, but all of them would mean the same thing. Lemore Manor weddings are awesome! They've always been pretty amazing - but now - you just have to visit Lemore and see it for yourself! A beautiful bright orangery that is just heaven for the wedding photographers and all the additional huts have changed this amazing Herefordshire wedding venue completely! If you are looking for a luxury, elegant, bright, fresh and totally 'from the cover of a fashion mag' wedding venue - this place is for you!

We enjoyed every minute of photographing Beth and Steve's wedding day there. Lemore Manor is one of the venues that really cares. Just like Dewsall Court and Lyde Arundel - they provide top quality service and everybody, including us, the wedding photographers, feels so comfortable there! Beth and Steve's wedding was truly unique. Just look at Beth - just stunning! And her friends and family - amazing. We loved the balloons - they were just perfect. Big, visible and so much fun! If you want to read more about Beth and Steve's wedding - follow this link here: Beth and Steve's wedding at Lemore Manor - but more importantly - you just have to visit Lemore Manor! We are coming back there soon and then again and again. We literally cannot wait. But for now, I'll just go back to Beth and Steve's wedding images and watch them again... and again... and again!

Lyde court wedding photographers

Wedding Photographers party all the time

Wedding photographers party all the time... Not!

This is an amazing profession. You get to know many interesting people, visit new places, travel and just keep feeding your soul by being creative. But how does the wedding photographer's 'kitchen' look like every day during the week? What do you think? I am writing this blog post just after my last week's close encounter with the last financial year's tax return and all the paperwork involved.

Lyde court wedding photographers

Being a wedding photographer and running a well organized business is a proper full time job. If you also add two small kids to that (one four year and one two year old) - you are looking at two full time jobs to do and still only twenty four hours a day. And of course you have to sleep because that helps to maintain your beauty. Taking pictures at weddings and meeting clients is one part of this job. Then, after that, the company house keeping starts. Marketing, social media, the website (it usually takes about three hours to prepare a complete blog post like this one), product research, sales, finances, bookkeeping, tax returns and customer care. On top of that - obviously - learning, practicing, improving skills, mastering your craft and staying inspired. Oh, I almost forgot about the photo editing. Easy - and of course we also have to find the time for all the partying.

Being a wedding photographer is great but it never is easy. You have to work out the perfect work-life balance and be prepared to sometimes feel a bit lonely. Some of your friends might just find someone else who has more time for them than you. Being a wedding photographer is an amazing profession but there is a cost. That's why you really have to love taking and creating those beautiful images. I mean - you really have to love doing what you do.

perfect wedding magazine marta may

Marta May Photography in the Perfect Wedding magazine

Today is the day - our photos made it to the Perfect Wedding magazine, the UK's best-selling monthly bridal mag. Such a great feeling to be able to see our images there. Katie and Chris's wedding day was so beautiful, with many unique details. If you're planning to have an elegant and original DIY wedding, you just have to see this. More images with even more inspiring ideas can be found here: Katie + Chris - Dewsall Court Hereford. Marta May's photos published in a May issue... a really good start of the wedding season 2016. I just couldn't resist and decided to celebrate this fact with a big mug of caramel macchiato in a lovely Caffee#1 in Hereford (highly recommended!).

A couple of other amazing features are planned for this June too and I honestly cannot wait to see them. I didn't tell you that but in the past we also made it to another national wedding magazine - To Have & To Hold. They featured our 'Game of Thrones' themed bridal shoot. You can see some more details of that unique shoot here: The Game of Thrones Bridal Shoot. So much is happening at the moment at Marta May Photography and we are so excited about it. Please make sure you come back and check the latest blog posts - we really hope you'll find all the information here inspiring and informative. The world of weddings is so beautiful and unique, we are so happy to be a part of it.

April Fools photography competition

April Fool's Day Photography Competition

Hello! Happy April Fool's day! Remember - don't trust anybody today.

I thought it would be good to give you something special on this day, so I have come up with a great idea (I think?). A competition! You can win a prize which is a family lifestyle portrait session - basically, completely free. Please read about our family shoots here: FAMILY LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY and see some samples here: TIME FOR THE SPRING PHOTO SESSIONS. This is a great opportunity to get those lovely natural family photos. Do you want to give it a go?

Here's what you have to do. This competition might be easier for those who know me a little. Do you want to get to know me a bit more? I will ask you a couple of questions and you will have to answer - TRUE or FALSE to all of them. For those who get all the answers right, I will do a prize draw and announce a winner this Sunday. I will also give you answers to all those questions. Ready? Here are the questions:

  1. I will have photographed 3 weddings in 8 days tomorrow
  2. I have done 2 intensity classes this week, woke up before 6 today, got on a bike, did an intensity class, swam and then cycled back home.
  3. I have done both morning and evening classes at the Hereford Leisure Centre two days in a row and almost died on the 3rd day (5 classes in 3 days)
  4. I passed the English language test last week
  5. I did a couple of chemistry experiments with my 4year old daughter
  6. I speak Swedish and Norwegian

That's it - what do you think? Please get in touch and answer TRUE or FALSE to all those questions. Good luck! Can't wait to see your answers.

PS: Terms and conditions apply

April Fools photography competition

And for all of you still looking for a wedding photographer - please note - this is not an April Fool's day's announcement. We do get booked up really fast, so please don't wait too long and get in touch as soon as you can.

Lots of love

Marta & Artur

Marta May Photography_2402

Homme House weddings

Homme House weddings are gorgeous!

Here is just a sneaky peek, but I can confirm that - Homme House weddings are beautiful. I don't want to reveal the whole story just yet and that's why I have chosen the darker images and the silhouettes. Homme House is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to show you more images from that amazing venue. In addition to this weeks wedding we also had a beautiful styled shoot there last week. I cannot publish any of the pictures yet, because we are waiting for one of the lovely wedding blogs to do it first. Then, as soon as this has been achieved, those pictures will be all over my website because I love them so much!

Homme House is such a fantastic venue, both for the small weddings and for the bigger ones. Many couples don't even come back to see this place again. They just book it straight away. If you want to find out a bit more about Homme House, please visit their website here: HOMME HOUSE and also remember to come back and visit my blog again to see more images both from the Homme House weddings and from our gorgeous Marie Antointette styled shoot.

A lot is happening at Marta May Photography at the moment. In addition to the amazing styled shoots that have to be kept undercover, we are also planning a couple of campaigns. If you are interested in a family photo shoot or would love to have lovely pictures of your children, please come back soon to find out more.