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Wedding photography rocks!

Life is a big adventure, life is great. When I look at my life now, I see clearly the really important things. Why do I write all that? Because I have found my own path and I got here because of wedding photography. Well, a couple of other factors helped too but whenever things were going in the other direction, I focused on photography. I am so grateful for the fact that I photograph weddings because it is a great privilege. Ten years ago I wouldn't even dream of doing what I do and feeling how I feel right now.

In order to find your own path, you have to focus on what's inside you. Hear your own voice, whisper it first, then say it and if that doesn't help - shout! Shout, let it all out. So, which are the things I can do without? Television, definitely, a 9-5 job with a boss above you, Facebook addiction and prejudiced people. Wedding photography has given us a beautiful world full of creative, open minded and free people. No borders, just bridges and friendships. Oh, and you can photograph weddings anywhere on Earth! What else could we ask for?

I guess if you love what you do, you probably feel the same. If your job can influence other people's lives in a positive way and you are happy because of that - you've found your dream job. Wedding photography has given us so much. Wedding photography rocks!

A country house wedding

Have you ever considered having a beautiful country house wedding? If not, please take a look at Dewsall Court in Hereford. Last week I had a pleasure of photographing their open day. Did you know that Dewsall is a part of Canvas and Stone - a collection of five independent country houses run by the next generation of owners? The other four are: Elmore Court, Wasing Park, Iscoyd Park and Pennard House. You will probably notice that my website features quite a lot of Dewsall weddings. There is a reason behind it - this venue is just stunning! We have also photographed weddings at Elmore Court and Wasing Park and are hoping to come back to those beautiful venues soon.

There is so much you can achieve when you choose a beautiful country house as your wedding venue. You will feel relaxed, happy and 'at home' and your wedding day will be amazing. The photography will be beautiful too, for two reasons: you, feeling great, will look radiant. The other reason is the backdrop - I can confirm that Canvas and Stone's venues provide the most perfect backdrops for your wedding photos - they tick all the boxes! You just have to arrange a visit and see them for yourself. I'm sure one of them will become your wedding venue!

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Wedding shows 2016 2017 - get your diaries ready!

wedding showsWe will be exhibiting at a couple of amazing wedding shows this and next year. I thought it would be good to list all of them here. Below you will find the most up-to-date list of wedding shows 2016 2017, so get your diary ready and write these details down. It would be so lovely to meet you and have a chat about your wedding day and our wedding photography.

Year 2016:

The Abbey Hotel Malvern Wedding Fayre - Sunday 11th September

The Worcester Luxury Wedding Show - Sunday 25th September

The Pall Mall London Luxury Wedding Show - Sunday 2nd October

The BIG Hereford Wedding Show - The Three Counties Hotel - Sunday 30th October

YEAR 2017

The Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Show - Sunday 8th January 2017

The Abbey Hotel Malvern Wedding Fayre - Sunday 19th February 2017

The BIG Hereford Wedding Show - The Three Counties Hotel - Sunday 12th March 2017

There will be more wedding shows next year and I'll be adding information about them here, but please don't wait too long. If you have a chance to go to at least one of the above shows, just do it. We are being booked 1-2 years before the wedding and I always hate to say 'we are already booked' to the lovely brides to be. Don't wait too long, come and have a chat with us. We cannot wait to meet you!
wedding shows

Brobury House Herefordshire wedding photographer

Brobury House weddings Herefordshire

Did I tell you that Herefordshire weddings are beautiful? I think I did so now it is high time I repeated it again and also added a few words about Brobury House weddings. What a stunning venue! Kerry and Ali had a church ceremony followed by a marquee reception in this amazing place. You can visit Brobury House and view their beautiful gardens that create millions of photo opportunities for wedding photographers. Wherever you go - there is always a stunning backdrop. If I wanted to use every beautiful corner of that wedding venue, the couple's wedding day would probably have to turn into a proper photo shoot.

I am really glad we did a trial run and had the engagement session there last autumn. Obviously the colors were totally different then but equally stunning. One of our favorite places there was the 'birch forest' because it just looks magical. If you want to find out more about this venue, take a look at their website here: BROBURY HOUSE AND GARDENS. This Herefordshire wedding venue is perfect for all types of weddings, both small and big. Because of its stunning grounds it can host big marquee weddings and they will still feel intimate. I think it is because of the trees, woods and stunning views surrounding Brobury House.

I have always wanted to return to this venue because we photographed a wedding there before. However, the wedding itself was in the church nearby and the couple only wanted us to take some group pictures. Therefore we didn't have the proper chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a proper Brobury House wedding. I have written another short blog post about this wedding, would you like to see the pictures? Here's the link: BEAUTIFUL MOTHER DAUGHTER MOMENTS AT WEDDINGS.

Thank you so much Kerry and Ali for letting us be your wedding photographers. It was a beautiful day!

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Trending - beautiful botanical weddings

Nicky and Mal's wedding was stunning. Beautiful bride, amazing weather, lovely location and... this decor! I have always loved beautiful botanical weddings and it looks like they are really fashionable right now. In fact, back in April we did a styled photo shoot with a botanical theme and it was amazing. We are still keeping the photos undercover, so please make sure you come back to get inspired again. Nicky and Mal's wedding would not be the same without the flowers provided by the incredible Great British Florist. Just perfect - have a look. The bride had flowers in her hair - I particularly loved the orange tulip and just look at this beautiful flower girl and her flower crown! And the bridal bouquet was pretty impressive too!

But keep looking - when I spoke to the Great British Florist about that wedding, they told me that in order to decorate the venue and the tables, they had to pack their van and drive to the venue a couple of times. But the result was simply beautiful. If you want to see more pictures from Nicky and Mal's wedding, follow this link: Nicky + Mal - Scottish English Wedding in Wales. If you like the idea of a botanical wedding, you might also find this wedding interesting, have a look: Jemma + Andy - Lyde Court, Hereford.