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Small Weddings


Big weddings are not possible at the moment but there is a lot you can still do. Here are just a few ideas you could use, have a look, maybe you’ll like some of them? We would love to photograph more small weddings and elopements, so please do get in touch with us and let’s chat about your plans.

About the photographers

We are wedding photographers based in Hereford, UK. This means that we live really close to many unique beauty spots in England and Wales. Magical manors, fairytale gardens and romantic clifftop retreats. This area is an ideal escape for a dream elopement or a small wedding where imagination knows no bounds.

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Not a big fan of standard white weddings?

Maybe you’ve never been a big fan of the standard white weddings? Maybe you have always wanted to create a wedding or civil partnership celebration that would be every bit as unique as you? How about an intimate and special celebration in a faraway place? How about dancing the night away beneath a thousand stars, feasting with the closest friends or spending your first night as a married couple in a hot tub overlooking the sea? Everything is possible now.

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We have always had a small wedding (Pick & Mix) package based on our hourly rate and this is also ideal for Elopements. If you are planning your celebrations in England, Wales or even abroad, get in touch with us. We would love to capture your ceremony so your friends and bigger family can share your day with you through your beautiful photos and maybe also an original wedding film.

If you think about it, small weddings can be incredible. You can still have an amazing dress, stunning bouquet and an even more magical day. Your wedding photos will be even more beautiful because we can go on an adventure together and visit some truly stunning locations. You will be FREE and you will FEEL amazing!

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Elopements and Small weddings – useful tips

Your favorite location and outdoor ceremony

Do you have a favorite spot – a hill, meadow, maybe your own garden? You can have a small wedding celebration or elopement just about anywhere. We are so lucky – we live in such a beautiful part of the world. To appreciate the views and make your day even more special, why not have an outdoor ceremony? Many years ago we photographed this stunning non-legal OUTDOOR CEREMONY – such a special day! The next day the couple went for a swim in a river nearby and then, a week later, they legalized their marriage at a local registry office.

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Can your friend / brother / sister be your celebrant?

We also photographed another stunning non-legal wedding celebration at Dewsall Court, Hereford. The couple had a legal ceremony early in the morning, just with a few witnesses, and later the bride’s uncle, ROGER ENO, Brian Eno’s brother, was their “celebrant”! Here’s the slideshow, have a look:

So you can actually sort out the legal bit another time, and, instead of having the registrars with you there, you can invite a few more guests to celebrate the day with you.


By organizing an elopement or a small wedding you can actually save a lot of money. Standard white weddings can be really expensive, just look at the cost of venues, food and drinks, corkage or flowers. Full day wedding photography is expensive too, but this is the one thing that will last for years and decades after your wedding day. Memories are priceless, photos are your family legacy. However, our Pick & Mix package for small weddings and elopements, helps you safe a lot of money! Get in touch with us to find out more.

Use this opportunity to have fantastic wedding pictures

This is once in a lifetime opportunity. A typical big white wedding only allows for a few couple portraits and the location of the shoot is basically limited to the venue. That’s why we also love small outdoor weddings and elopements. Everything is a lot more relaxed and our couples have a lot more time. Plus we can go on an adventure and use various – truly breathtaking – locations. When we got married, we had our couple shoot two days after our wedding day. We used a few different locations and, most importantly, we felt a lot more relaxed and FREE. That’s us:

marta May photography wedding

It would be great to use the golden hour and the stunning views and, at this point, only our imagination would be the limit. Just imagine all those unique pictures of you – the newly married couple. One of the last weddings we photographed before the 2020 lockdown was truly special because we had that additional free time with our couple the day after their wedding day. We even created a short video clip for them, have a look:


What do you think? Are elopements or small weddings your thing? Do you love stunning landscapes, unique places and magical locations? Let us know, we cannot wait to hear from you!

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