Fun wedding photography style – OUR 2022 SUMMARY

About The Mays

We’re The Mays, Hereford based wedding photographers. Our fun wedding photography style can also be described as creative and in the moment. We’ve been documenting weddings for the last 10 years and we went full time in December 2017. What a roller coaster this has been! Wedding photography is not just a job, it is so much more than that. It is about people, relationships, friendship, feelings… and about art. And we’re safe to say that wedding photography is about capturing the very essence of life – love.

fun wedding photography style
Hampton Manor wedding photography

Reportage and fine art wedding photography

When you first think about it, those two types of photography seem to be something quite opposite. Reportage – capturing real moments, nothing staged. And fine art – capturing the beauty of a wedding day. But it is possible to combine the two and capture the beauty of a moment, and as wedding photographers we try to do just that by focusing on a FEELING in every single picture.

fine art wedding photography
wedding morning

How do our photos “FEEL”?

Fun wedding photography style – in the moment

Fun and in the moment. Creative and experimental, but mostly following the feel of the day and capturing all those moments, interactions and characters at weddings. Our couples want to play and experiment with us and very often the best outcomes occur when we just play and discover the world like kids, right?

We don’t force poses and are for couples who cringe at the idea of gazing into each other’s eyes, want their love to be shown through laughter and want vibrant wedding photos that are overflowing with life. You won’t find lifeless pictures of the dress hanging on the wall here.

wedding morning
wedding morning reportage

Take me back!

Every photo should bring the couple right back to their day and show those emotions… whether it is the stress of writing those vows last minute (and it is so hard to describe love – you just feel it), the chaos and fun of getting ready, the feel of the ceremony (emotional for some, boring for others), and that tremendous incredible joy that happens afterwards!

wedding ceremony
fun wedding photography style

Not 100% fun though

But we also miss people we loved and sometimes things don’t go according to plan (like for example rain) and that is a part of the wedding day too and we can’t ignore it. But after the rain always comes the sun, and joy, and laughter and new life too! So just go crazy on that dance floor and simply celebrate life! And we will capture all those emotions for you.

wedding reportage
rainy wedding day

But still a lot of fun

Here’s some feedback from one of our amazing couples about our fun wedding photography style a day after their wedding day:

“You guys!!!!

The absolute best photographers ever!!

We’ve both just sat down finally. And said that our favourite moment of the day was the photo shoot. Jasmin laughed till she nearly peed. It was so relaxed and fun.

And gave us a chance to spend some time together on such a busy day!!

It’s felt like we just had family members there taking pictures.

Thank you so so much. X”

We get it, we know you don’t want to stand awkwardly up against a tree with a giant camera shoved in your face. And as you can see, this is not our bag at all.

wedding dance floor

To sum up

Life is art in the making, beauty can be found in every moment, and everybody knows that today is a gift and that’s why it is called ‘present’. So, for us photographing love isn’t about creating that romantic movie-star pose, or keeping hair perfectly zhuzhed.

We can’t be too serious about ourselves, right? Our wedding photos reflect how our couples FEEL, not how they look. So, bring on the howling with laughter, the smudged mascara, the full-body hugs and the intense dance moves. We. Are. Here. For. It. All.

wedding dance floor

Here’s to another 10 years

We’ve enjoyed photographing weddings for 10 years now, and full time for 5, and we cannot wait to document many more amazing days for our new couples. If you like our fun wedding photography style and are looking for a photographer, please do get in touch with us and let’s chat.