Our favourite pre-wedding pictures of twenty fifteen. Engagement photography is becoming more and more popular which is really amazing. I love engagement sessions – they are so much fun and they give us so much. Both the couple and the photographer learn so much about the other party. That makes such a big difference when it comes to the couple’s confidence on their wedding day. They know that the photographer is with them, like a friend, and they are so much more relaxed.

We love engagement photos – pre-wedding shoots are a great idea. You laugh a lot, spend some quality time with your other half (and with your photographer). This is a great experience and you can imagine how it is going to be on your wedding day. In addition to that you have some lovely photos from the time you were engaged, you will appreciate them in a couple of years’ time. You can also use those photos in many ways. I have seen many couples using their engagement images as decorations at their weddings. Others used the photos to create menus, orders of the ceremonies, guest books, invitations. The list doesn’t end. Have a think about your engagement pictures – how would you use them?

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