The Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop 2016

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Ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm this now… the magic of the northern lights is a real thing!

But how did I find out? Well… I needed a break, I needed it bad and when I saw the information about the Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop 2016, I knew I just had to be there. Norway has always had a very special place in my heart – could it be because of the longing and nostalgia – my two best friends? I don’t know. Maybe this or work overload, or maybe both? Year 2016 has been very special, hasn’t it? Anyway, I booked the place straight away and this has been one of the best decisions ever made.

Just look at the Norwegian sky, the crisp and clean air, just stop for a moment and look at all the different shades of blue and gold. Isn’t the northern light beautiful? And the workshop was AMAZING! Eirik, Aga and Dan shared their precious knowledge with us. They were so helpful! Thank you so much guys! At the same time we had so much fun together, tasted some amazing Italian dishes made in Norway and even tasted the Hereford’s best cider there… Well, at the airport I finally managed to purchase something a bit more Norwegian… the Juleaquavit, yay!

You know what? We were exceptionally lucky with the weather. Apparently it rains all the time in Stavanger and the whole district of Jæren. It can only mean one thing… nothing is going to stop us now. I have accumulated some truly positive energy during my stay in Norway. I have made some new amazing and inspirational friends and met some old ones too! (Thank you so much Elin!). I am definitely coming back to Norway. I also have to attend another photography workshop organized by them because the energy is just amazing!