It was one of the promotional styled shoots for Diva Wedding Fayres but this one was different – it was a proper London wedding fun. No plans made, no real schedule, no requirements – just going with the flow. And the couple was amazing, they nailed it. It was their third fake wedding – yes, they aren’t a real couple. It was such a pleasure to photograph them – Kirsty was like a rock star, totally rocking it. At first Matt was a bit shy. He said… what if the tourists are going to take pictures of us? He then relaxed and had a lot of fun too, we all did.

This particular shoot was perhaps something a bit different to what I usually do. I generally hide somewhere in the woods or at home and don’t often visit big cities because they are just too loud and noisy for me. But I really had a good time in London and enjoyed every moment. I think I will be coming back more often to do some more street photography. I love the black, white and red contrasts of London. Maybe you are thinking about an engagement shoot or maybe even the after wedding shoot? Everything is possible – just get in touch with me and let’s discuss the options. Any other big city in Europe is an option too!