We adore Dewsall Court weddings – this venue is just incredible! And Jenn and James’s wedding was one of those really beautiful special occasions. Jenn is a very beautiful bride – I mean, she looks stunning but, what is more important, she is such an amazing person! Very intelligent, modest, with a sense of humor. James is a very lucky man! There are many reasons why we love our job. Getting to know such amazing couples is one of them. Weddings are addictive and inspirational and every single one is different. You would probably think that after photographing over a hundred of weddings we would be ‘used to’ them right now. Well, we are not! Every wedding morning I am stressing out… even though everything has been double and triple checked, I am still worried. This is because we want to give our couples our 100%.

What does  a wedding day mean to the couple? It is one of the most important days of their lives and even though we have photographed so many weddings already, a new wedding is always a new beginning. Unique to the couple, so special and priceless! Every minute of that wedding day has been carefully planned, every detail thought over and over again. Jenn and  James’s wedding had so many beautiful details. The dress, the flowers and the botanical feel – you just have to see it for yourself. Take a closer look at the new Dewsall Court’s wain house – and look up at the ceilings. Stunning! If you want to see more images taken at Dewsall Court – please follow this link: Weddings at Dewsall Court. Enjoy!