Venice wedding photographers – why not get married in Italy?

Venice wedding photographers

Destination wedding photographers

We are UK wedding photographers based in Hereford, UK. The biggest distance that we traveled to photograph a wedding was 342 miles. It was a wedding in Glasgow, Scotland. Not really destination wedding photographers, let alone Venice wedding photographers, are we?

However, we also traveled to various places in Europe to learn about wedding photography. We love different light conditions in Italy, Norway and Romania. These are the countries we visited to learn new things about wedding photography.

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Looking for Venice wedding photographers?

We have photographed in Italy, so if you like our style, why not take us with you? Are you planning your wedding abroad? Maybe even in Venice, Italy? This is so much easier to achieve than you think. The reward – an amazing and unforgettable wedding day – is so worth it.

I would have never thought of becoming a destination wedding photographer, not until now. I am so glad I flew all the way to Italy just to photograph Kate and Lee. If you take a look at the cost of the flights and find a stunning location, you can make your dreams come true.

And I assume that probably every location in Italy would be great for a wedding – the beach, the mountains, the seaside. It doesn’t have to be Venice and you don’t have to book Venice wedding photographers.

Italian light

Just look at the light on the pictures – how beautiful is the Italian sun? It almost never rains there – but if it did – would you mind? I wouldn’t.

Italian styled shoot

I’ve just come back from a fantastic styled shoot in Venice, Italy. To be more precise it was a shoot in a beautiful castle near Venice. This week has just been surreal! Weddings are all about celebrating love. Why not combine it with holidays for you and your loved ones?

Engaged in Italy

Our models were a fantastic real couple and you know what happened? We witnessed a REAL proposal. You can read Kate and Lee’s real love story here: The most incredible proposal ever! THE REAL STORY and view many more images here: Kate + Lee – Count Ceconi Castle, Venice, Italy. Enjoy!

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Please get in touch with us if you are planning your awesome destination wedding. Maybe you are even planning your special day in Venice and looking for Venice wedding photographers?

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