Best photographer – regional finalists!

We’ve made it! Thank you so much for your votes! We couldn’t have done it without you. You let us into your lives, you let us photograph one of the most amazing days of your lives and you also took the time to vote for us. We are so grateful for every single vote. Jenny – you just gave birth to your daughter, Sarah – you should be enjoying the first day of being married and yet – you decided to support us. Of course winning the award is awesome – but we’ve already won. We have won your trust and we are so happy you love your wedding images!

Third time in a row we have been shortlisted. This means we have been in the group of the best wedding photographers (the West Midlands region) for the last three years. It means we are doing something right, right? When I think about it, it makes me a bit dizzy. We only started photographing weddings five years ago! And we got nominated both in 2016 and this year which makes this event even more magical.

Thank you so much!