My wedding dress after my wedding day

About wedding photographers

We are Herefordshire based wedding photographers, a husband and wife duo. Our photography style is relaxed but we also love dramatic styled shoots. So, if you are thinking – what can I do with my wedding dress after my wedding day – keep reading this post.

My wedding dress after my wedding day – let’s photograph it!

As wedding photographers we have a few ideas about how you can use your wedding dress again. You are probably thinking, will I ever use my wedding dress after my wedding again? Yes you can! But do you want to? We are wedding photographers not just on a wedding day, we have many weekdays when we only edit photos, contact our couples and do admin work.

We would love to also be creative during weekdays. So, if you are thinking of using your wedding dress after your wedding day, let’s organize a photo shoot.

my wedding dress after my wedding day

After wedding photo shoots

After wedding and anniversary shoots might be a great present, something different to do for your first wedding anniversary. Just imagine that – you don’t have to stress anymore, you are relaxed and don’t have to worry about your making your dress dirty. You can just enjoy wearing it again. In fact for this type of a shoot you might use your wedding dress or another favorite outfit. We would love to be your photographers!

Good reasons for the after wedding session

There are other good reasons to have the after wedding session. As wedding photographers, we can think of a few possible scenarios:

You want to have better wedding pictures

Hopefully this has not happened to you but some couples just don’t like wedding photos delivered by their original photographer. That’s why they use their wedding outfit again to have some beautiful pictures instead.

You want more wedding pictures

Maybe there was not enough time during your wedding day to have all the lovely pictures you wanted? Wedding day schedule is always busy. Sometimes it rains and maybe you were hoping for a beautiful sunset photo? If I was in this situation I would definitely use my wedding dress after my wedding day. Just like Ola did and we had a fantastic shoot at Hampton Court Castle, Hereford.

You just love your wedding dress!

You simply might want to wear your beautiful wedding dress again. Why not? Let’s do a fashion shoot! We would LOVE that!

Marta May Photography_3721

Imagine wearing your dress again

Just imagine you in your dress again but this time in a different location – maybe by the seaside, by the waterfalls, in the mountains or maybe on a boat and in the middle of your favourite lake? Why not? Have a think about it and look at some of the after wedding images we’ve taken so far. If you’re dreaming of a special fabulous location.

Get in touch with your photographers

If we haven’t photographed your wedding, we would LOVE to be your photographers! If we have – we would love to be your photographers again! After wedding and anniversary shoots are just one option. How about using a photo shoot as a present? Valentine’s Day might be one option, a present for a Mother’s day is another.