Jazz + Nick – Lyde Court wedding photographer, Hereford

Are you looking for a Lyde Court wedding photographer, Hereford? If the answer is yes - you have just found us. We have photographed many weddings at this lovely venue and every single one of them was different. Jazz and Nick had a fabulous day, one of my favorite ones at Lyde Court. Why? Partly because of their garden games and the vintage tractor. Everybody had so much fun, including the bride and the groom. Just look at them - what a happy couple.

I loved Jazz's knee length dress and her shoes! Both pairs - both the red ones for the day and the leopard print ones for the dance floor. There was one thing that was missing though. Jazz drives tractors and she was planning to arrive at Lyde Court driving the orange vintage tractor. Just imagine that picture and her wedding guests' faces! Unfortunately the tractor's seat was quite far away from the steering wheel and the plan didn't work. Jazz and Nick are so amazing - so happy together, giggling and joking all the time. It was a pure pleasure to photograph them on their wedding day because they were so natural.

When you are planning your wedding, remember one thing - be like Jazz and Nick. Enjoy your wedding day, this should be your only job on the day! When you are happy, everybody else is and that makes your day even more special.