Lemore Manor wedding photographer Hereford

Lemore Manor weddings

Lemore Manor weddings are amazing. It does not matter if you are getting married in May, August or December – you will always have the best day of your life there. Friendly staff, beautiful manor and gardens as well as tasty food are just what you are looking for. We have photographed warm rainy summer wedding days as well as cold winder days there. Outdoor and indoor ceremonies… and every time we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We feel privileged to have been invited to this Sunday’s Lemore Manor wedding showcase event. Are you coming too? If the answer is yes – we have a surprise for you. The details of the special prize draw are going to be revealed on the day, so please make sure you pop in to find out more details. This prize draw will only last one day and is exclusive to the Great Gatsby showcase event. If you want to win either the pre-wedding or the after-wedding/anniversary shoot with Marta May Photography – make sure you’re there.

Here is just a quick selection of the Lemore Manor weddings we have photographed. Some of them have been featured in OUR WORK. Have a look. We cannot wait to meet you and have a chat with you this Sunday, the 12th February 2017, at Lemore Manor. See you soon!


canvas and stone dewsall wedding

A country house wedding

Have you ever considered having a beautiful country house wedding? If not, please take a look at Dewsall Court in Hereford. Last week I had a pleasure of photographing their open day. Did you know that Dewsall is a part of Canvas and Stone – a collection of five independent country houses run by the next generation of owners? The other four are: Elmore Court, Wasing Park, Iscoyd Park and Pennard House. You will probably notice that my website features quite a lot of Dewsall weddings. There is a reason behind it – this venue is just stunning! We have also photographed weddings at Elmore Court and Wasing Park and are hoping to come back to those beautiful venues soon.

There is so much you can achieve when you choose a beautiful country house as your wedding venue. You will feel relaxed, happy and ‘at home’ and your wedding day will be amazing. The photography will be beautiful too, for two reasons: you, feeling great, will look radiant. The other reason is the backdrop – I can confirm that Canvas and Stone’s venues provide the most perfect backdrops for your wedding photos – they tick all the boxes! You just have to arrange a visit and see them for yourself. I’m sure one of them will become your wedding venue!

beautiful winter weddings wedding photographer

Beautiful winter weddings

The magic of beautiful winter weddings is undeniable. Christmas time followed by the brand new year always brings warm feelings, love and happiness. It does not matter that the weather is rather unpredictable and cold, because the feelings will always remain positive. This year we were lucky enough to capture a white wedding and soon I will add the selection of photos for you to see HERE. I cannot wait! What a beautiful white foggy wedding day! The bride and her friends were amazing – they agreed to go outside in their dressing gowns. Thank you so much girls!

Because the days are very short and the daylight doesn’t last long, you have to plan your professional wedding pictures really well. The best time for the ceremony would be around noon, just to give you enough time for the more formal pictures. Of course it is possible to take those pictures later, but sometimes the daylight is just so beautiful. It would be a shame not to use it. Of course the twilight pictures and images with the sparklers are amazing, but winter days are stunning too! Especially when there is fog and the frost let alone the snow…

I really cannot wait to share these wedding images with you, so please stay tuned.

Brinsop Court Hereford wedding photographer

Morris dancing wedding

Em and Ed’s wedding day was unique and you can read their story here: Emma + Ed – Brinsop Court wedding, Hereford. Why was it so original? Because of dancing and a great family tradition. Besides, what could be more ‘quirky-Brit’ than a Morris dancing wedding? Morris Dancing is a traditional form of English folk dance dating back to the 15th century. It is also a very important part of Ed’s family history because his father started the Morris group. It was a very natural thing for Ed to plan a Morris Dancing wedding. His father and twin brother were playing too and everyone was having a great fun. At the end the guests were given the wooden sticks and were practicing the Morris Dancing together with the professionals which was accompanied by music and laughter.

If you plan your wedding day in your own unique way, it will be beautiful and very hard to forget. There is no chance your wedding will be boring. I think everybody enjoyed watching the groom doing the Morris Dancing. It was impressive. If you are planning something special for your wedding day, please remember to share the idea with your wedding photographer. They will be prepared, they will know your story a bit more and this will result in more personal pictures from your wedding day. There are so many things you can do to make sure your wedding pictures are amazing. Get in touch with me to find out more.


De Courceys Manor Cardiff wedding photographer

De Courceys Manor weddings Cardiff

De Courceys Manor weddings Cardiff are amazing, full of joy, laughter and happiness. Below you will see some images from James and Cath’s June wedding at De Courceys Manor. I think we will never have enough of wedding photography. It is addictive. To be a part of somebody’s wedding day, to see the love and happiness, to celebrate the best feeling in the whole world – love – is just so unique. Every time! Every wedding is unique.

What was so special about James and Cath’s wedding was the number of their friends – they traveled from all parts of the world just to celebrate the day with this couple. And, apart from this Dutch-Welsh wedding in the Black Mountain Lodge, I haven’t experienced such a big number of great speeches! Of course the wedding speeches are great, but both those weddings had extra speeches too. In James & Cath’s case, the additional speech was made by the groom’s parents and the whole room was laughing. The way the speeches were being made was unique and original. Beautiful! They were long, but written straight from the heart plus they were extremely entertaining. What a great job!

My advice about the wedding speeches is: Don’t ever use the internet! Write them straight from your heart. If you use the internet, I guarantee you – there will always be someone at a wedding who has heard that speech before! Trust me on this one.

If you want to find out more about this elegant venue, visit their website here: De Courceys Manor, Cardiff.