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Summer Weddings

Is it July already?  The time just flies, doesn’t it? We will all soon find out we are looking at our brand new Christmas trees. My last post was about December weddings so this one has to be about summer weddings. At the moment I am editing the amazing wedding of Faye and Jack. The wedding was filled with love, laughter, joy, amazing friends and… packed with the singing waiters! You just have to come back to read more about that! Sarah and Ash’s wedding at How Caple Court was such an amazing experience too! We used our drone there for the first time which was great – well, hopefully! Haha! Sarah told me later on, she was worried the drone might fall and she might die. The day was hot and sunny, but quite windy, luckily the adventure had a good ending! We all survived.

The last couple of weddings we photographed, had an amazing weather. Well, this is the dream weather for every couple, a little less desirable by the photographer. Big contrasts, squinting and a couple more issues. So my advice for all future brides is… If it’s going to be cloudy or even a bit rainy – please don’t worry! It’s OK, we love the clouds. We love the sun too, don’t get me wrong but the direct harsh light is not always the best option. Anyway, just look at these couples – they are so happy! This should be your only job at your wedding – being happy and enjoying your day. The day goes so fast, most of the time too fast. Just enjoy it, be happy and everything will be all right!

Summer weddings rock! And that is only the beginning. We cannot wait to photograph all our July, August and September weddings. Stay tuned, we will be in touch soon!


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December weddings

It is typical, isn’t it? When it is cold outside, we dream about summer. It all changes when it gets really hot. In this case we might want to get back to all those fantastic memories we have about winter. Winter holidays, ski, Christmas and of course those beautiful December weddings! Last winter we didn’t experience snow but we actually photographed a white winter wedding. Thank you fog and rime frost! You look so beautiful together!

If you are planning a winter wedding, there is so many fantastic ideas you can use. First of all… the candles, lights, sparklers – the more the better! It gets dark really early and if you add this lighting – you will create a warm, romantic atmosphere. Add a bit of color to your wedding. Winter landscapes look almost black and white – that’s why reds, burgundy, purple and orange colors look so fantastic at that time of the year. Think of a white jacket, cardigan or a cute little fur coat – it will keep you warm and you will look happy on your wedding images. You don’t want to feel the cold and you don’t want to look like you are cold on your wedding pictures. Christmas trees and mulled wine are a fantastic bonus.

Another advantage from a photographic point of view is the variety of your wedding images. Probably thanks to winter weddings we have changed the way we photograph all other weddings.  We now use different lighting condition and split the traditional couple shoot into two or three smaller ones. Our clients receive more interesting pictures with daylight, golden hour and blue hour. Night shots are also a fantastic option – and that is very difficult to achieve in the summer. To sum up… December weddings and all winter weddings are a fantastic opportunity for some beautiful creative imagery!

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Hereford wedding photographers

If you are looking for Hereford wedding photographers, you have just found two of them. Me and my husband – we have been photographing weddings since 2012 and this year is an amazing milestone for us. Next month we will come back from a brilliant workshop organized by the best wedding photographers in the world. So many exciting things are happening at the moment. Pop into our office, let’s have a chat about your wedding day, about you. See if we are the right fit because it is so important to find the right photographer and it costs nothing. Who knows, we might be THE photographers you’ve been searching for? If you like what you see on our website – just get in touch.

This is what we have been up to recently… This year’s weddings are so fantastic! They are so much fun and this is exactly what everyone needs – to be happy, to feel loved, to enjoy every day of their lives. We feel so privileged our couples give us permission to document their wedding day. I mean, what other job can give you this fantastic energy? It is a bit like a mission and the main goal is to give our couples fantastic images – something they can treasure forever. Gosh – we’re almost in June, doesn’t the time just fly by when you are so busy? I definitely need to blog more because I haven’t shown you any pictures from this year’s weddings yet!

You just have to come back and check my new blog posts out! Some couples have decided to keep their wedding photos private, so you won’t be able to read about their stories. There are many other fantastic weddings to write about though! Lots of work to do!

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Wedding ceremony photos - useful tips

Your wedding ceremony photos… Imagine – you’re just about to enter the church or the registry office. This is  a fantastic and emotional moment and you are expecting some really amazing pictures. Did you know that photographers have to follow some specific rules whilst photographing weddings at registry offices? We are not allowed to use flash and are banned from photographing a moment of the signing of the register. And that is because of the ‘Data Protection act’.

Churches are different – the wedding photography adventure with them seems like a roller coaster at times. Some of them say – no photography allowed, none at all. Even your guests would not be allowed to use their smartphones. Others say – yes please of course, no problem at all. Have a chat with your vicar about that – do it before he or she surprises you by saying ‘no’ on your wedding day. If that is the case, here’s what you can do to have some amazing wedding photos:

  • when you are walking down and up the aisle – take your time, just walk slowly.
  • when you are exchanging the vows and the rings – look at your partner. This moment should be shared by you and your partner, so try not to say ‘I do’ to the vicar.
  • do you really want to pose for the fake ‘signing of the register’? Think about it – why is it important? Why is it not important?
  • once the ceremony is finished, accept the congratulations from your guests, don’t worry about the group pictures now – enjoy the moment!
  • now it is time to enjoy the confetti moment
  • and after that – the group pictures!

Now let’s party!

Lemore Manor wedding photographer Hereford

Lemore Manor weddings

Lemore Manor weddings are amazing. It does not matter if you are getting married in May, August or December – you will always have the best day of your life there. Friendly staff, beautiful manor and gardens as well as tasty food are just what you are looking for. We have photographed warm rainy summer wedding days as well as cold winder days there. Outdoor and indoor ceremonies… and every time we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We feel privileged to have been invited to this Sunday’s Lemore Manor wedding showcase event. Are you coming too? If the answer is yes – we have a surprise for you. The details of the special prize draw are going to be revealed on the day, so please make sure you pop in to find out more details. This prize draw will only last one day and is exclusive to the Great Gatsby showcase event. If you want to win either the pre-wedding or the after-wedding/anniversary shoot with Marta May Photography – make sure you’re there.

Here is just a quick selection of the Lemore Manor weddings we have photographed. Some of them have been featured in OUR WORK. Have a look. We cannot wait to meet you and have a chat with you this Sunday, the 12th February 2017, at Lemore Manor. See you soon!