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Wedding photography rocks!

Life is a big adventure, life is great. When I look at my life now, I see clearly the really important things. Why do I write all that? Because I have found my own path and I got here because of wedding photography. Well, a couple of other factors helped too but whenever things were going in the other direction, I focused on photography. I am so grateful for the fact that I photograph weddings because it is a great privilege. Ten years ago I wouldn’t even dream of doing what I do and feeling how I feel right now.

In order to find your own path, you have to focus on what’s inside you. Hear your own voice, whisper it first, then say it and if that doesn’t help – shout! Shout, let it all out. So, which are the things I can do without? Television, definitely, a 9-5 job with a boss above you, Facebook addiction and prejudiced people. Wedding photography has given us a beautiful world full of creative, open minded and free people. No borders, just bridges and friendships. Oh, and you can photograph weddings anywhere on Earth! What else could we ask for?

I guess if you love what you do, you probably feel the same. If your job can influence other people’s lives in a positive way and you are happy because of that – you’ve found your dream job. Wedding photography has given us so much. Wedding photography rocks!

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Hygge - enjoying friends, family, graciousness

So… today is a cold February morning. I’m sitting here and trying to warm up by drinking a lovely cup of tea. Let’s face it, the world around us isn’t necessarily one of the cosiest places. Just look at the news around you. However, there is one very good outcome of all this. We value our families, homes and time that much more, we have changed. You will probably be surprised when you hear that last year brought me more peace and happiness than previous years. Yes! Before that I worried a lot, studied too hard, worked too much and almost never had time for myself and my family. This year is so much different. I think about the things that matter, I have found the hygge…

I spend more time with my kids, take more pictures just for the fun of it. There is still a lot to be done like switching to a healthy and beautiful food, spending even more time with my family or simply learning how to enjoy every moment. I’m getting there! What about you? Have you found your inner peace yet? What does hygge mean to you? In my case it always was there, hidden until last year. Maybe that’s why I always felt pain and I was longing for something missing in my life. Probably that’s why I have always loved Scandinavia, learnt Norwegian and Swedish. Every time I am there, I feel that I belong there for some strange reason. Anyway, let’s get back to photography! Stay tuned, some beautiful things are coming!

hygge 52 week challenge

52 week photography challenge 1/12

Hello and welcome to my 52 week photography challenge. I thought it would be good to do something different this year and then I found the DOGWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY website. However, I’ve decided to change the challenge slightly because of… our kids, Gabi (5) and Tim (3). I thought they should take part in some of it too. The other problem I have is the time, or rather the lack of it. In the past I have tried 365 day photo challenges but I would always finish them at very early stages… So I have decided to publish this challenge’s photos once a month.

What was the first month about?

Portrait: Self portrait and a Headshot – I didn’t do my own portrait, sort of, maybe I will have more courage in December but I did a couple of portraits. My son created this lovely painting of himself and there is also a tiny photo telling you a bit about who I am (a note to myself: create your own portrait!)

Landscape: Traditional landscape – This was one of my favorite challenges because it means being out and about with my camera! I also love Gabi’s landscapes. I didn’t tell her any of the rules, but she nailed it anyway! She instinctively used the rule of thirds too!

Artistic: Red – What a great challenge and such a magical color! Very noticeable. So instead of planning, I went outside… and it was there, so easy to find… No wonder the Post Office uses it! I also loved what our son created in the nursery last week… a red caterpillar!

Story: Rule of Thirds and Mirror – I try to use the rule of thirds in every photo, even in portraits. Mirrors are amazing too – and you can find them everywhere. Just look at your bathroom and your iphone (a very smart use of smartphones at weddings). Even a puddle can work as a mirror – it has helped me to create an artistic vision of our winter star…

Technical: SOOC – straight out of the camera – the green photo at the end

Artistic: Land – land, landscape, rule of thirds… Can you find two photos about the land? Let me know!

See you soon!

the wedding industry awards

The Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards 2016, 2017…

the wedding industry awards

So many beautiful days and happy moments… Weddings are something really special.

We love what we do and that’s why getting nominated by one of our amazing clients is so special to us. Thank you so much Emma Lou! This nomination is even more special because of the fact that Marta May Photography was the only wedding photographer proudly representing Herefordshire. Yes, and in addition to being nominated, we also got shortlisted which means we are among the best wedding photographers in West Midlands! How cool is that? And we’ve been in this group for the last two years which means we must be doing something right, right?

We would also like to congratulate other local wedding suppliers, Kat, Tabby and Anastassia and basically everyone who got shortlisted and won. What makes TWIA so special is the fact that our clients get to vote, so what really matters, is their experience, which is amazing. We will publish our clients’ comments soon, but, for the time being, we would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for us and left their valuable feedback too! You really are amazing! If you’d like to read the last year’s comments, please follow these links: Kind words about Marta May Photography Part1 and Kind words about Marta May Photography Part2.

We really want our clients to just enjoy their wedding day. If you want to find out more about our philosophy and the way we work, just follow us, get in touch, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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The magic of the northern lights

destination wedding photographer UK

Ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm this now… the magic of the northern lights is a real thing!

But how did I find out? Well… I needed a break, I needed it bad and when I saw the information about the Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop, I knew I just had to be there. Norway has always had a very special place in my heart – could it be because of the longing and nostalgia – my two best friends? I don’t know. Maybe this or work overload, or maybe both? Year 2016 has been very special, hasn’t it? Anyway, I booked the place straight away and this has been one of the best decisions ever made.

Just look at the Norwegian sky, the crisp and clean air, just stop for a moment and look at all the different shades of blue and gold. Isn’t the northern light beautiful? And the workshop was AMAZING! Eirik, Aga and Dan shared their precious knowledge with us. They were so helpful! Thank you so much guys! At the same time we had so much fun together, tasted some amazing Italian dishes made in Norway and even tasted the Hereford’s best cider there… Well, at the airport I finally managed to purchase something a bit more Norwegian… the Juleaquavit, yay!

You know what? We were exceptionally lucky with the weather. Apparently it rains all the time in Stavanger and the whole district of Jæren. It can only mean one thing… nothing is going to stop us now. I have accumulated some truly positive energy during my stay in Norway. I have made some new amazing and inspirational friends and met some old ones too! (Thank you so much Elin!). I am definitely coming back to Norway, I am so coming back!