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If you are looking for Hereford wedding photographers, you have just found two of them. Me and my husband – we have been photographing weddings since 2012 and this year is an amazing milestone for us. Next month we will come back from a brilliant workshop organized by the best wedding photographers in the world. So many exciting things are happening at the moment. Pop into our office, let’s have a chat about your wedding day, about you. See if we are the right fit because it is so important to find the right photographer and it costs nothing. Who knows, we might be THE photographers you’ve been searching for? If you like what you see on our website – just get in touch.

This is what we have been up to recently… This year’s weddings are so fantastic! They are so much fun and this is exactly what everyone needs – to be happy, to feel loved, to enjoy every day of their lives. We feel so privileged our couples give us permission to document their wedding day. I mean, what other job can give you this fantastic energy? It is a bit like a mission and the main goal is to give our couples fantastic images – something they can treasure forever. Gosh – we’re almost in June, doesn’t the time just fly by when you are so busy? I definitely need to blog more because I haven’t shown you any pictures from this year’s weddings yet!

You just have to come back and check my new blog posts out! Some couples have decided to keep their wedding photos private, so you won’t be able to read about their stories. There are many other fantastic weddings to write about though! Lots of work to do!

UK wedding photography workshop Aga Tomaszek

The UK wedding photography workshop

This week I took part in the UK wedding photography workshop – two days full of positive energy, enthusiasm and photography tricks. The photos below are just a small fraction of what happened during that time. Every aspect of running a successful wedding photography business was covered. Even the astro photography! Big thanks to Aga Tomaszek, Dan Morris and Eirik Halvorsen – you guys rock! Even though I’ve been running my wedding photography business for five years, my brain got bombarded with new fantastic ideas which I’ve kept and I won’t hesitate to use in the future. Thank you so much!

Not many people realize how difficult it is to be a good wedding photographer. This is not only a job, this is so much more – the lifestyle, passion, the right combination of talent, business skills, experience and drive. We are not just camera ladies, camera guys – there is so much more to it. We aim to capture the best memories and give them to our clients in a beautiful form of photographs. In every single picture we leave a bit of our soul. That’s why we need to really protect our souls and keep the right work/life balance. We’re neither tools nor machines but sometimes we are treated this way. At that point it is very difficult to keep our enthusiasm and love for what we do and to stay young in spirit. This UK wedding photography workshop reminded me about Jostein Gaarder’s ‘Sophie’s World’ (I love this book):

“To children, the world and everything in it is new, something that gives rise to astonishment. It is not like that for adults. Most adults accept the world as a matter of course. This is precisely where philosophers are a notable exception. A philosopher never gets quite used to the world. To him or her, the world continues to seem a bit unreasonable – bewildering, even enigmatic. Philosopers and small children thus have an important faculty in common. The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder…”

After Aga, Dan and Eirik’s workshop I have decided not to grow up. Never! Thanks for reminding me about this amazing faculty of wonder!

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Ellie and Josh - Abergavenny engagement photo session

A couple of weeks have passed but I still love Ellie and Josh’s images. This Abergavenny engagement photo session was really unique. I like the look of the images, the couple and Pete the peacock as well as the location. Probably most of all, though, I love the story behind the pictures. Ellie and Josh wanted to have this e-shoot done on their farm. They had just bought the house and they are still working really hard on making that house their dream home. I think when they look at their engagement images in twenty years’ time, both their home and everything around it will be different.

There is something really magical about photography. It lets you freeze the moment and capture the memories that you care about. We have managed to capture their happiness, the look of the house and the memory of the mountain on which Josh proposed. We have also captured a very unique moment for Pete the peacock. The couple inherited Pete with the house, they adopted him – and on the pictures below, you’ll see him showing off his beautiful tail. Ellie and Josh have had the house for about six months and this was the first time they saw Pete do that.

If you are considering having a pre-wedding session, think about you as a couple. Maybe there is a special story that needs to be told. Maybe you would like to celebrate your relationship and keep the shoot very personal. What would you like to capture on the photos? I have some really cool and unique ideas to help you preserve those real and beautiful emotions. Please let me know if you are up for it and I’ll tell you more. Your engagement shoot can be all about having fun. It can also be a story told in pictures and a way of creating those beautiful and unforgettable memories…

Herefordshire wedding photographer

Kirsty and Paul's Herefordshire engagement session

We are so lucky – our couples are incredible. Just look at these two, Kirsty and Paul and you will know what I mean. Such a lovely couple – it was a real pleasure to shoot their Herefordshire engagement session. They are legends and we really cannot wait to photograph their wedding day. We also cannot wait to meet their friends. What do you think – if you were getting married, would you like to have a pre-wedding session? This is a great opportunity to practice, have a really good laugh with your photographer and a chance to get some professional images.

We are always open to suggestions, so if you’re thinking of having the engagement shoot in your favorite place, just let us know. And just look at Kirsty – doesn’t she look stunning! I love the hat. For all of you who are interested in our pre-wedding sessions – please follow this link: The best of engagement photography 2015. You will find there some of our last year’s favorite images. You can also read about the general idea of this type of the shoot here: Why is it worth to have a pre-wedding session. Hopefully I will manage to convince you that this is a great idea or at least inspire you to do something similar. Photography is great and it is always nice to have a nice memory from the time you were engaged. What do you think?

Meanwhile, enjoy this short gallery and if you want to see more pictures from this year’s engagement shoots, please follow this link: Spring pre-wedding shoots 2016.


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5 Benefits To Having A Pre-Wedding Shoot - by Marta May Photography

Marta May Photography_3659

A couple of weeks ago I was a guest blogger for the amazing Herefordshire wedding venue – Brinsop Court. I thought it would be good to share that post with you! So, here it is, originally blogged on: BRINSOP COURT WEDDINGS website. There are some really good reasons to have an engagement shoot but many couples are confused and not quite sure what it actually is!  They ask me… ‘what do you mean by the engagement shoot, we’re already engaged?  This is just something that helps you prepare for your wedding day… Here’s five good reasons to have the shoot:

1. You’ll get to know your wedding photographer – and, trust me, this really helps you to be much more relaxed on your wedding day.

2. You’ll get to practise some nice poses – and you’ll have that practical knowledge of how to look best on your wedding pictures.

3. You’ll spend about an hour chatting to, laughing with, hugging and kissing your partner which is a really good anti-stress therapy too.

4. You’ll get some really nice pictures from the time you were engaged. Maybe you’ll want to use those images to create your save the date cards or signing boards?

5. You’ll be left inspired and even more excited about your wedding day! The shoot will motivate you to look for more wedding photography ideas and that will result in having even better wedding images.

If you want to know more about Marta May’s engagement photography, follow those links: