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Wedding ceremony photos - useful tips

Your wedding ceremony photos… Imagine – you’re just about to enter the church or the registry office. This is  a fantastic and emotional moment and you are expecting some really amazing pictures. Did you know that photographers have to follow some specific rules whilst photographing weddings at registry offices? We are not allowed to use flash and are banned from photographing a moment of the signing of the register. And that is because of the ‘Data Protection act’.

Churches are different – the wedding photography adventure with them seems like a roller coaster at times. Some of them say – no photography allowed, none at all. Even your guests would not be allowed to use their smartphones. Others say – yes please of course, no problem at all. Have a chat with your vicar about that – do it before he or she surprises you by saying ‘no’ on your wedding day. If that is the case, here’s what you can do to have some amazing wedding photos:

  • when you are walking down and up the aisle – take your time, just walk slowly.
  • when you are exchanging the vows and the rings – look at your partner. This moment should be shared by you and your partner, so try not to say ‘I do’ to the vicar.
  • do you really want to pose for the fake ‘signing of the register’? Think about it – why is it important? Why is it not important?
  • once the ceremony is finished, accept the congratulations from your guests, don’t worry about the group pictures now – enjoy the moment!
  • now it is time to enjoy the confetti moment
  • and after that – the group pictures!

Now let’s party!

the wedding industry awards

The Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards 2016, 2017…

the wedding industry awards

So many beautiful days and happy moments… Weddings are something really special.

We love what we do and that’s why getting nominated by one of our amazing clients is so special to us. Thank you so much Emma Lou! This nomination is even more special because of the fact that Marta May Photography was the only wedding photographer proudly representing Herefordshire. Yes, and in addition to being nominated, we also got shortlisted which means we are among the best wedding photographers in West Midlands! How cool is that? And we’ve been in this group for the last two years which means we must be doing something right, right?

We would also like to congratulate other local wedding suppliers, Kat, Tabby and Anastassia and basically everyone who got shortlisted and won. What makes TWIA so special is the fact that our clients get to vote, so what really matters, is their experience, which is amazing. We will publish our clients’ comments soon, but, for the time being, we would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for us and left their valuable feedback too! You really are amazing! If you’d like to read the last year’s comments, please follow these links: Kind words about Marta May Photography Part1 and Kind words about Marta May Photography Part2.

We really want our clients to just enjoy their wedding day. If you want to find out more about our philosophy and the way we work, just follow us, get in touch, we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Great wedding photos - useful tips

Lemore Manor wedding photographerWhat can you do to have some really great wedding photos? There is a lot you can do, actually. This blog post starts a short series about some useful tips on what YOU can do to have some really amazing images from your wedding day. First of all, and this is very important, choose the photographer you really like and trust. Only then you will have some really amazing pictures from your wedding day because you won’t have to worry about your wedding photographer. That’s why the initial consultation with your photographer is so important, or at least a Skype or telephone conversation. Try to get to know them a little bit.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the morning preparations. I have already written a separate blog post about that part of the wedding day here: Bridal preparations – your wedding morning Let’s just add a couple of the most important tips here:

  • have a proper rest before your wedding day, go to bed early!
  • make sure the room in which you are getting ready is clean and tidy. You don’t want any plastic bags from your supermarket to be visible on your wedding pictures right? Really think about it and hide all the socks, empty shoe boxes and any other unnecessary and distracting items.
  • if you want some professional pictures of your rings or anything else that is important to you – just put them in one place to avoid rushing and looking for them on your wedding morning.
  • really enjoy the moment – enjoy getting ready. This is your day, your moment. Be happy!
  • and again – have a proper rest before your wedding day, go to bed early!

In my next post I will write about the wedding ceremony – stay tuned!

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The most precious moments in between

Today was the day of reflection for me. I was trying to define something that is called a ‘good wedding photography’. There is so many amazing wedding photographers out there and also many brides who want to have their memories captured perfectly… but… sometimes quantity is more important than quality. Some of the brides send long lists to their wedding photographers requesting specific images. This is really great but sometimes might leave very little space for creativity. Your photographer will be thinking of ticking all those images off the list and he/she might miss those most precious moments in between. Of course a good balance is always key, so it is still important to have a chat with your photographer and let him/her know what images are important to you.

I think the ability to capture those unique and natural moments ‘in between’ is one of the main ingredients of a good wedding photography. Different weddings have very similar schedules. Bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, formal pictures, drinks and canapes, speeches, the wedding breakfast followed by cake cutting and the first dance. There are some ‘obvious’ images that a photographer needs to take – like the picture of the dress or a confetti shot. You can help the photographer achieve better results by trusting him/her. Hopefully you won’t insist on many staged pictures and leave the photographer plenty of space for creativity. By ‘staged’ I mean asking the photographer to take a picture under the archway in the direct light only because it is nicely decorated with flowers. Trust me – you will not like the final effect – a picture where everybody is squinting and feeling unhappy. We have photographed so many weddings – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Weddings are about emotions, love, beautiful moments and relationships – please let your photographer capture that.

rainy wedding day

Rainy wedding day? Don't worry!

Many brides worry too much about the possibility of their rainy wedding day. My advice is – please don’t worry. If it rains, it rains, there is nothing you can do so you might as well make the most out of this situation. Instead of checking the weather forecast every day and trying to predict what’s going to happen, prepare for the worst possibility. If it doesn’t rain you will be over the moon but if it rains – you will be ready.

  • get your wellies and umbrellas ready. You might also think of some matching umbrellas for your bridesmaids. I really love the translucent ones – so perfect for the couple, so romantic!
  • trust your photographer – there are some amazing techniques available to capture the beauty of the rain on your wedding day – you might end up with some truly beautiful images.
  • be flexible with time and be willing to have a short photo shoot break during the reception. That cheesecake might wait twenty minutes, right? Sometimes the evening sky after the rainy day might be really beautiful – you just have to have this picture in the collection of your wedding images.
  • think of an alternative location. If you’re thinking of the group pictures in front of the church – maybe having them in the church or a bit later at the venue could help achieve better results?
  • and remember – some people say: ”it can only rain for good luck on your wedding day”.

Embrace it – don’t worry if it rains on your wedding day – it will still be the best day of your life!